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    Monday, 10 September 2018

    US$2.2m HONDA Fit bought from Messina weekly


    BEITBRIDGE-Zimbabweans are spending at least US$200 000 in foreign currency to import GD1 Honda Fit cars from across the border in Mussina, South Africa every day, The Mirror has learnt.
    According to a well-placed car dealer Eric Dzova, the Honda Fit has become an instant hit as a public transport vehicle and Zimbabweans are buying at least 100 cars every day.
    The popular car goes for US$2 000 to buy from Japanese car dealers in Messina. The Zimbabwean Government adds $1 632 charges in duty and this is paid in bond notes bringing its total cost to $3 632.
    The Mirror could not establish the total number of the Honda Fit imported in Zim on a daily basis because some come through Tanzania and Mozambique.
    The GD1 Honda Fit sales by far outstrip  the Toyota Fun Cargo which is the second fastest selling car in Mussina with between 20 and 40 cars imported into Zimbabwe daily. The Toyota Wish is the third fastest selling car, according to Dzova who is a car dealer and all the three types of cars are used in Zimbabwe for public transport.
    The total forex component for the GD1 Honda Fit imports from Messina  is $1,2 million a week, $4,8 million a month or $57,6 million a year. The amount of duty collected by Government on the same vehicle is $46, 944 million a year. The total amount therefore spent by Zimbabweans on the Honda Fit that come through Messina is $104,5 million a year.
    Dzvova said that the Honda Fit which has a capacity of 5 passengers is popular as a public transport vehicle because it is strong, it has an engine capacity of …..and therefore consumes far less fuel than other cars. The GD1 has two shapes; the new and the old. The difference between the new and the old is that the new has indicators on its rear view mirror.
    The Honda GD1 makes it …..km per litre.
    It has another version which is the GE6 Honda Fit. This one goes for US$2,400 to import and the duty is pegged $1 920. The GE6 is however not only more expensive to buy but it is also expensive to maintan.
    Management at Quest Royal, one of the biggest car sales companies in Mussina confirmed the rating of cars according to sales.
    Choudhry Shani of Choudhry Motors said ……..
    Dzvova added that Toyota Fun Cargo is most popular in Mberengwa and Zvishavane and as a result it always runs out and is sometimes out of stock.
    These cars are also popular in countries like England, Japan and Germany. 

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    1. Its not true that these cars are popular in the UK. We do not have these cars here in the UK


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