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    Monday, 17 September 2018

    Chairs broken as snake ‘visits’ Marufu burial


    CHIKOMBA – There was pandemonium at the burial of former First Lady Grace Mugabe's mother on Saturday afternoon when mourners fled from a snake that had sneaked into the VIP tent from behind.
    The snake which is believed to be a cobra caused panic and villagers and very important guests scurried in all directions leaving a calm and composed former President Mugabe on the podium. Several chairs were broken in the ensuing melee.
    The snake was grey in colour and about 1,5 metres long.
    The incident happened when former President Mugabe was giving his speech a few minutes before the burial of Mbuya Idah Marufu at her homestead in Ndwere Village under Chief Chivese in Chikomba. Chief Chivese refused to comment on the matter.
    The snake went past Mugabe's daughter Bona and moved towards her mother who was a row in front of her. Bona yelled and the Master of Ceremony brought people's attention to the imminent danger sending mourners fleeing in all directions.
    There was chaos as the mourners and other church dignitaries ran for dear life.
    Bona's husband, Simba Chikore and bodyguards rushed to cover Mugabe from the danger.
    The confused snake sought cover beneath the coffin stand thereby giving people who killed it, a hard time.
    Nobody was harmed.
    Mugabe gave little regard to the incident. He referred to the Bible before continuing with his story.
    "In the Bible it's written, Satan is a snake which must be killed and this has been fulfilled. Satan has no power to disrupt smooth-going proceedings," he said.
    Some elders said the temperatures were too high hence desperate reptiles can stray into homes.
    "I am 75 years old and I have never encountered such in my lifetime. It's unthinkable, zvinoera, " said a local elder

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