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    Sunday, 22 July 2018

    ZANU PF commissar strips naked, begs for sex from a kombi driver


    SHURUGWI- A married political commissar with Zanu PF Shurugwi District Onai Mupondiwa (37) stripped naked and literally begged for sex from a kombi driver  she had hired to take her home.
    Mupondiwa whose husband works for Unki Mine in Shurugwi wanted to have the act even without a condom but Lloyd Gumbo pleaded with her to go out and buy some condoms at the shops.
    Shurugwi resident magistrate Sangster Tavengwa remanded Mupondiwa in prison before he found her guilty of indecent assault and sentenced her to 210 hours community service at the local Police station.
    The incident happened two weeks ago while Mupondiwa was coming back from a Zanu PF meeting.
    It is the State case that on July 7, 2018 at around 10pm Gumbo was driving from Chachacha when he was stopped by Mupondiwa who looked stranded at Mzansi Night Club. Mupondiwa then asked Gumbo to accompany her to Railway Block for a fee of $5. While on the way Mupondiwa asked Gumbo to stop the vehicle so she could answer to nature's call.
    While outside the car Mupondiwa removed her clothes and proceeded to Gumbo and asked him to have sexual intercourse with him. Gumbo refused and begged her to get back into the car so that he could drop her at her house as agreed. Mupondiwa got into the vehicle while naked and sat next to Gumbo.
    She proceeded to caress the complainant and she took his hand and forced him to touch her private organs while kissing him.
    When they arrived at Mupondiwa's house she told Gumbo that her husband was away at work at UNKI Mines and wanted him to fulfill her sexual needs.
    Mupondiwa then stripped Gumbo of his clothes so they could have sexual intercourse but Gumbo begged her to look for a condom. They then agreed to go back to Shurugwi town to get some condoms and Gumbo drove into Shurugwi Police station where he reported the issue leading to the arrest of Mupondiwa.
    Bertha Bore prosecuted.
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