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    Sunday, 22 July 2018

    Scandalous Masvingo Policewoman hides with boyfriend in Gweru

    You can run but you surely cannot hide! Hoth will fish you out; whether you are in Mucheke at Version Private College or Masvingo High School kuBrigade 1:4 uko Kkkk, hokoyo or even Mkoba in Gweru Hoth anokunyurura chete.
    So you think that's being clever; sneaking away from your mount of sex scandal in Masvingo and running away from Masvingo Police Station to Nehanda Police Station in Gweru?
    And you thought Hoth will never find you, ever again! Kkkk Paunogara Hoth anopazivisa, kumba zvese nekubasa. Kusvika pamukova kuti godi!
    I mean this beautiful looking cop with features of a Chinese woman; call her Sarafina. This married one who got head over heels with a married teacher from Triangle after they met on Government voter education. Exactly, this constable who invited the teacher boyfriend to her matrimonial home in Rujeko where he ended up being walloped by the hubby!
    Wakarohwa akaporofita maelections a2018! Call this teacher Mr Big Soup!
    Oh yes muto mukobvu.
    Hoth knows exactly where you now stay Sarafina. Handiti if you start in town tichibva paya paHotera yaKombai yekusakarasakara iya; yes just close to that big clock which always has wrong time, or is it still working? Gweru Mayor where are you? This clock is dead decades ago!
    You start from that big clock and get a mushikashika which goes to Mkoba via Mambo. Yes you go past the railway line, past Mutapa Cemetry; pamakuva paya, hezvo you get to Mkoba Teachers' College, pfumbu ndiwe uyu you go towards Mkoba 5. Handiti unoona  apa pane Bristol Road inoenda straight kuMkoba 5, uku kuroboshwe kune turn off inonzi yeMadhongi; iwe you turn right  straight towards Mkoba 13. Nayo iyoyo; nayo kkkkk!
    Pfacha pfacha tasvika mumaraini mako. Saka wanga uchifunga kuti Hoth haapazivi. And you think you are hiding. Kkk. Pamba paunoroja apazve pane hedge, panext door pane mumhabhurosi. This is where your Triangle boyfriend is coming every weekend. Chasura!
    And you told people that you ran away from the Ancient City because Hoth exposed you. You tell them that you are now safe; far, far away from Hoth's prying eyes kwaaa!
    Indeed a leopard does not change its spots. After the sex fiasco Sarafina sought a transfer from her bosses; duly granted. But now she has a licence far away from the hubby and Hoth.
    Mr Big Soup, I mean the Dununu Primary School teacher is now landing in Mkoba 13 every Friday 4pm without failure. Are you not bunking lessons Mr Soup? Once he enters the room, the door, windows and curtains are tightly fastened until Monday morning kkkk. You will think the place is deserted. Zvokwadi unotofunga kuti pamba pakatamwa.
    It's only when you get close to the door that you hear occasional muffling. Hoth suspects they use a chamber kkkkkk! Asi mapoti echikadzivo futi!!

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