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    Friday, 27 July 2018

    Buhera principal spends night with married woman in classroom


    MURAMBINDA - Prosper Gandidze, a principal at Redmac, a private college at Murambinda in Buhera has been arraigned before the courts after he spent a whole night in a school classroom with a married woman.
    The husband Dominic Chamusingarevi is now demanding $6 000 for damages and the matter is before Buhera Magistrate Dennis Mangosi.
    Gandidze is not disputing the allegations but  claims that he was not aware that Chauke was married.
    Chamusingarevi told the court that the adulterous relationship has had such a disastrous effect on his marriage that he has since parted ways with his wife Annabel Chauke who is a childhood sweetheart.
    The issues raised before the courts are that Chamusingarevi approached Gandidze for a place for his wife to redo Maths and Science at the college. Chamusingareve is a commuter omnibus driver who plies Murambinda South Africa route.
    Once Chauke started lessons, Gandidze proposed love to her and the two became an item. On the fateful day, Chauke left her mother-in-law at home on the guise that she was visiting her brother at Nyazura Secondary School.
    Chamusingarevi told the court that on June 1, 2018 he went to South Africa on business as usual and left his wife with his mother at his matrimonial home. He came back on June 3, at around 3am in the morning and discovered that his wife was not home.
    At around 5am that same day, Chamusingarevi asked his mother about the whereabouts of his wife and was told that she left the house on June 2, 2018 to visit her young brother.
    Chamusingarevi followed his wife to Nyazura but he was told before he got there that his wife was back home. He immediately took away his wife's phone and while he was interrogating her Gandidze's message confirming how they had spent the night came in.
    Chauke confessed that she was having an adulterous affair with Gandidze since May, 2018; the time that she started having lessons at the college.
    "My lord, the defendant had no right to have a sexual relationship with my wife because he was aware that she is married. I personally secured a place for my wife at the college through Gandidze. This is why I am claiming $6 000 for adultery damages," said Chamusingarevi.
    Gandidze agreed to the fact that he was in love with Chauke but was not aware that she was married.
    Gandidze disputed some of the statements made by Chauke and argued that Chauke made them under duress.
    The matter was postponed to July 26, 2018 for trial.
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