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    Sunday, 17 June 2018

    Rujeko slay queen, Fionga bashes colleague over chicken In box

    Unomeuliwa nadhafu, dhafu korerera.
    Ask mamombe, elephant, zhou or Fionga or Fiance hameno her real name but you all know her from Rujeko Suburban with a small head and big … eheee ichocho chifupi chikobvu ichi.
    Fionga plies her trade, I mean the oldest profession at Rikwidzi, Ragunu and of cause from her home at any time ukasvika she is always available.
    By the way she is the head of the prey, she makes and enforces rules for the group and if you breach them you are fired or she will simply deal with you ipapo ipapo pachiYokozuna, iii kindi chokugara pamusoro kusvika wati eke.
    Nhasi zvangu namagumbo mutsvuku uyu mushava.
    It was around 8pm after they had catched earlier than others but Vimbshto did not cash out to the prey master Fionga instead she went and bought chicken In the box.
    She asked Fionga to accompany her as usual but did not disclose that her catch had already blessed her with her dues.
    After buying the chicken In box, Fionga enquired from Vimbshto where she got the money from and she was told that she had been cashed.
    Baba angu shava iwee, chomusi uyu before she could finish the box was snatched and mbama kumeso pwaa ndiye zee ndokunomira nemadziro.
    The guard was quick to react but knowing the law he could only plead with the two not to fight as he could not touch any of the two for fear of being reported for fondling. Munovaziva vanhu vaya havatani kumhangara.
    Fionga quickly opened the box and started munching the thighs bought by a fellow thigh vendor but Vimbshto would have none of it, 'Wakajaidzwa nhasi topedzerana kudhla zvevafupi nekureba…" icho chamtsenga nzungu kuna Fionga.
    She lost her balance and fell down but she was up in no time but the contents were now all over with street boys waiting to feast.
    Fionga grabbed Vimbshto by the collar and pinned her down ndobva amurova chiYokozuna ndiye mhere kwatsu, fortunately some women intervened and the two were separated and went in different directions.
    But you girls kwanai kana mawana time kugwira chicken In box aaah.
    Mushagashe Ben10 refuses to be dumped
    What is this that I am hearing from Mushagashe, aa inini zvangu mhofu yomukono. Pese pese nhai doctor vanodhla maclients avo. Yes she eats her clients, I mean mombe, mbudzi hwayi after treating them of various ailments ogocha nekubika.
    I mean this vetii officer from Mushagashe who used to go out with Mr Williamsmith from the nearby college yemaBhodha Kezi, after dumping him she hooked up with this Ben10 whom wants to dump again.
    You all know this woman chidhafu ichi, izvo zvidhafu nhasi zvine nharo, kukoromora koga koga kusvika zuva ndoo.
    This happened last week when our Ben 10 who is 27 years old and shares the same surname with the popular veteran disc jockey, Taererera here or something like and his first name has something to do with thanking or kutenda here, ndaTenda hangu.
    The mum 37 years old anonzi Hezegovina here or Usebia it's an Eastern Europe name. Muvheti.
    She drives idzo dzomubhero idzi Raum Toyota and the Ben10 wanted to go to the bar with it but Usebia akati bodozve kunodii saka handichakudi. Iii kungotaura izvozvo mwana mhere pungu.
    Mfana akati hembe dzose katanu katanu torai hembe dzenyu amai dzamakanditengera I am going to hang myself naked, iii mai hiya vakafugama kukumbira ruregerero kumwana.
    It took the intervention of the younger sister for normalcy to be restored in the house and now they are living together but mama havachadi havo unfortunately there is no option. Mfana wakanamira sechishambwe.

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