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    Saturday, 2 June 2018

    Prepare for an influx of South Africans - Chamisa tells Beitbridge


    BEITBRIDGE – Beitbridge residents must ready themselves for an influx of South Africans coming through the border to do business in Zimbabwe as the MDC T is going to reverse the trade deficit between the two countries, the opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has said.
    Speaking at an MDC Alliance rally in the border town on Saturday, Chamisa said that Zimbabwe will be so good after his victory that it is the South Africans who will be rushing to Zimbabwe to do business unlike the current situation where thousands of Zimbabweans cross the border everyday to import basic commodities in the neighbouring country.
    He also told the rally attended by more than 7 000 supporters at Dulivhadzimu Stadium that he will open a one-stop shop passport office in Beitbridge as part of his devolution of power programme. He said Beitbridge will become a major town in the process and birth certificates will also be processed in the border town instead of people going to Gwanda or Bualwato.
    "2018 yedu inofanira kuti border rive guta guru, ngarive neHome Affairs office mapassports achitorerwa muno.Why do people go to Gwanda, Bulawayo, Harare? People should come to Beitbridge and there will be big offices for that, that's devolution of power," said Chamisa.
    Chamisa said he will also do away with long queues and delays at the border post and no one will spend more than five minutes before being cleared.
    He promised that clearing agencies that apply for certificates of operation will be cleared without any delays.
    "I am told people are delayed for more that five hours waiting for their trucks to get cleared. I don't need a month for that, give me a week and whoever will not be willing to work will leave kwete zvekunzi Zimbabwe is open for business, with a closed border!" he said.
    Chamisa said Mnangagwa is not going on the campaign trail because he has nothing to say.
    "If you have noticed mudhara Mnangagwa havasi kunyanya kucampaigner because haana zvekutaura anongoti pasi nemhandu, tichingotonga, his objective is very narrow, munotongei nyika isina mari?" asked Chamisa.
    He said he is going to get 60% of the Presidential vote.
    "We want to beat Mnangagwa at 60%, iye aripa 20% hatizivi vanaMai Mujuru vanosimuka here pazero percent ipapa, but game ndeyedu naMnangagwa", he said.
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