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    Sunday, 10 June 2018

    Former Magistrate Mzinyathi publishes poems


    BEITBRIDGE – Former Magistrate, Jabulani Mzinyathi who is now into private practice in Beitbridge has published a collection of poems under the title; Under the Steel Yoke.
    Award winning Mzinyathi's collection of poems is a protest against modern day slavery brought about by dictatorship, bad governance and even to an extent bad verdicts arrived at by magistrates and judges in the courts.
    After going through the collection one can be forgiven for seeing Zimbabwean socio-political situation in most of the writings; the propaganda, the oppression and the court rooms.
    Mzinyathi who was awarded the Scottish International Open Poetry diploma for excellence obviously brings fallen dictator Robert Mugabe and his Goebbels Jonathan Moyo whom he refers to as the Nutty Professor to the fore.
    Mzinyathi likens Zimbabweans to people under a yoke of steel where the option is either to follow the dictatorship or to die.
    "What you hear as you read through Under the Steel Yoke is a voice screaming from the belly of a crocodile, the nerve-wrecking noise of an angle grinder cutting through the steel yoke, the undoing of chains of modern day slavery. The subversive poetry is a must read for everyone, and, the simplicity of language combined with complexity of detail makes it accessible to all who value subtlety, irony and satire," comments Josiah Nyanda, a lecturer of English and critical thinking at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.
    The book was published by Mwanaka Media and Publishing in Chitungwiza.
    Mzinyathi was born on September 1, 1965 and is a holder of a certificate in education. He has magistrates admission certificate, diploma in personnel management and is a holder of a Bachelor of Laws Degree with UNISA. He has had his poems published in several local and international anthologies.
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