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    Sunday, 18 March 2018

    Zivhu denies G40 membership


    CHIVI – Aspiring MP for Chivi South Constituency Cllr Killer Zivhu has denied allegations that he was a member of the Zanu PF G40 cabal which was decimated following the ouster of former President Mugabe in November 2017.
    Zivhu made the remarks last week on Saturday at a ZIMASSET review meeting held at his homestead in Chivi Ward 31 where he is the sitting councillor.
    He denied that he was G40 but just a Zanu PF cadre who is loyal to the party and President Mnangagwa.
     "If I do anything good for the people some people go behind my back labelling me a G40 member, that is very unfortunate because I am not a G40 member, I belong to Zanu PF and I will campaign for a resounding victory for our presidential candidate President Mnangagwa," said Zivhu while confirming that he will contest in the Zanu PF parliamentary primary elections which are due anytime.
    He took the opportunity to outline some of the RDC's achievements where is also the chairman.
    "We have built 70 classroom blocks and clinics in Chivi during our tenure of office under the Zim-Asset programme now our term of office is coming to an end and we are waiting for the new manifesto to start serious campaigning for the forthcoming elections.
    "We will organising transport to the district for all those not registered to vote under the ZEC BVR exercise we will also assist those without IDs to acquirethem so that they can register to vote," said an ecstatic Zivhu amid thunderous applause from hundreds of supporters. 

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    1. Kkkkk who has not been a g40 member. Out of trying to be loyal to those in power every zanu pf member at one time was a g40 member.fear of competing with zivhu makutanga kutaura zve g40 bcz maona ane focus on developing chivi and he is gaining support from the people usadzokera sure mukomana you have the people's support.


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