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    Sunday, 11 March 2018

    Security agents deployed as girl is kidnapped in Zvishavane


    ZVISHAVANE –  Various Security agents  are understood to have been deployed in areas in and around Zvishavane after a 16-year-old girl was allegedly kidnapped from home in Nil Township on Friday morning.
    The incident has left people in a state of panic in Zvishavane and Mberengwa districts because of several other similar incidents that are being reported.
    Midlands Provincial Police Spokesperson Ethel Mukwende confirmed the incident in an interview with The Mirror. She said the suspected kidnap happened at around 530am  when Farisai Moyo (16) was preparing breakfast for her father Simbarashe Moyo.
    "Police are doing whatever they can to arrest these fugitives. We urge members of the public not to allow strangers into their homes and to verify the identity of a person before entertaining them," she said. 
    The Mirror is told that the presence of State security agents has increased in the area. Farisai has not been seen since then, but family members who spoke to The Mirror said one of the kidnapers phoned her brother Joy and asked him to come and rescue his sister.
    Farisai also managed to send a message back to the family and narrate how she was kidnapped. She said she was called by someone as she was preparing her father's breakfast on a fire outside the house. She went to see the person but was grabbed and blindfolded before being abducted.
    One of the places she noticed after the kidnap was that she was at Mpani in Zvishavane together with eight other kidnapped girls.
    Mukwende said the mother Simbiso Maposa discovered that her daughter was missing when she checked progress on her breakfast preparation and realised that she was not there. The matter was reported and a search has been carried out by the Police to no avail.
    Joy said he was called by unknown people on his mobile telling him to come and rescue his sister before they murder her. Thereafter he allegedly received a text message allegedly sent by Farisai narrating how she was kidnapped.
    "Hameno vasvika pamba ndichibika kubva one andidana nekwanaRutendo ndobva andibata kumeso handizive chii chazoitika ndazoona ndaku Mpani tiri vasikana 8 nevarume 6 one anditi ndidzikame achandisaver (I was cooking outside when one of them called me from near Rutendo's place and they blindfolded me. I only realised after we got to Mpani that there are seven other girls in the same predicament with me and there were six men with us. One of the men assured me that he was going to save my life)," read the text.
    New reports emerged that a group of pupils at Ngomeyebani Secondary in Bilashava were chased after by four men who wanted to kidnap them and they were rescued by villagers who heard them screaming for help. The kidnappers fled into the bush and villagers failed to apprehend them.
    Police also confirmed this incident.
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