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    Sunday, 18 March 2018

    Masvingo Terminus vendors fight for grandpa (71)

    Hehehede, what is it about grandpas these days. Everytime HOTH hears grandpa Jerera, grandpa Nyika, granny Ngundu, granny Mhandamabwe kkk veduwe nyarai vanhu vakuru musada zvinhu kudaro.
    Today the grannies at this famous bus terminus along Mutare road next to Mutero Pitch Wholesalers could not be left out in this granny madness which has rocked the province of Masvingo.
    Kusaririra bodo tsvoo dzaramba chembere dzepa Pitch apo next to where a Mart is bound to open very soon.
    Heloo heloo my friend, dzikamawo wakura, goes a line in one of the legendary musician Oliver Tuku Mutkudzi's songs which he penned many years ago but very relevant even today especially at Mutero Pitch.
    HOTH is told the two women vendors who are aged 50 years each sprung a surprise last week when they fought running battles over chimudhara chine over 80 years who goes by the name of the late nationalist who formed the ruling party but was latter deposed in 1977. The totem is Ngombe ot Tholesi.
    The old man is known all over the CBD of the ancient city because he has been in the game of vending since time immemorial and he is believed to be also very hot in between the sheets.
    The two grannies were not fighting for his money because haana chinhu mudhara uyu, musvuuganda zvake dzvinyu risina makushi, but what he lacks in wealth is covered up by his phenomenal performance in between the sheets such that the two vendor women could not afford to share him.
    The other one akaita mutsvuku uyu was prepared to die for the old man as long as he is alive.
    She goes by the name Wiinyi and is from Rujeko suburb where it all happens and the other one operates from Koroko Motaz uko uchienda Harare.
    Pakaita bata wabata on Monday and the onlookers had no time to refrain the old women who were pouncing on each other with their cracked hands.
    Passers by, commuters, mahwindiii, drivers were treated to a free movie kutodarika raDanai Gurira the Black Panther which has grossed over a billion now. Vakadzi vaka dashurana kusvika vaita zvino semachongwe vangotarirana.
    The Rujeko woman, Wiinyi decided to go for the killer and went straight for the thigh, chidzva chomene ndiye ngaa planting her brownish teeth into the flesh of the Koroka woman.
    Maiwee she screamed and took to her heels never to be seen at the scene again as she made friends with the wind which was blowing from Shakashe River just across.
    Iii but mudhara ndimi muneyese, makapenga ende mudhara murikenge, ooh murikengeee says one of the oldest songs HOTH has listened to since the 70s.
    There is another at the same place again but HOTH needs a break otherwise I will get a hiding from my bosses, toirova next week because it involves a municipality police man, ye veku clamper clamper ivava.
    Till next week makuhwa ngaatsve!!
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