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    Saturday, 10 March 2018

    Married grandpa (60) deserts family for Zaka prophetess (55)

    Heheheee haano mashura padunhu, when we grew up we used to be told Zaka rinopisa, but I think it's no longer the case because events happening in this small district are shocking to say the least, raakupisisa.
    HOTH is busy in this district every week he tries to ignore one scandal after the other but this one was too much to ignore and HOTH had no option but to write it kuda sekuru ava vanganyara vakadzokera kumusha kumhuri yavo.
    It is no longer news that prophets snatch married women or marry many wives from the church, but HOTH thinks it is not only news that a married grandfather with six children, and five grandchildren has eloped to go and stay with a prophetess who is 55 years old and has her own grandchildren.
    The old man is married and the wife is still alive, mupenyu achiri kuzvinwawo chaizvo.
    This is the reason HOTH says Zaka is not only hot but it is hottest because inobura day in day out.
    Don't pretend not to know the Prophetess guys this one who goes to Chiedza Chemabelievers kuneVatendi vakawanda uku and she answers to the name of one of the popular Bible characters who was barren.
    You now know her or you want HOTH to add the surname as well and the place where she stays, ok your word is my command.
    Saru's surname is Barere, she stays with her four grandchildren along Tagarika Street at Jerera Growth Point kuzvidzimba zviya zviya kunogara zviTokwe Mukorsi kkkk nhaka zvangu and the boyfriend or grannyfriend is from Gwanya Village, he is of the Mbizi totem, dube to be precise.
    Nambuya vangu shava kudai muprofita ashupa uyu because the old man has vowed never to return to the village no matter what.
    Last week he was given a good hiding by two of the old woman prophetess' sons who stay in Chiredzi.
    The boys had come to take their mother for a birthday bash in Chiredzi but before proceeding to Tagarika Street the boys decided to have one or two at Muchademuna Bar to quench their thirst, you know kuti kuChiredzi kunopisa.
    Kwakadiiko kuTshovani, HOTH will be there soon keep your eyes open.
    As the sun was getting into its mother's womb the boys decided to go and fetch their mother, wanike haano mashura padunhu mudhara Petso akati Bhewu makumbo akavata zvake on a mattress that was bought by one of the boys sometime last year after getting a windfall from sugarcane sales.
    Mudhara musoro wachena kuti mbuu wakanyura mupillow apa ngonono dzichirohwa may be he was dreaming ariku Church ku St Chakadeno uko kwaari Josefa.
    While he was sleeping the prophetess was busy attending to clients including ZviTokwe Murkosi while the grandchildren were roasting meat that he had brought for the new family.
    But the boys had no mercy for the old man as they went on to kick him all over the body. Mudhara Petso had no time to put on his shoes and shirt as the boys were all over him.
    Mudhara Petso was seen wailing making friends with the wind while the boys were in hot pursuit.
    Mudhara akarova nhetserwa apa prophetess left the tools of her trade and patients unattended attracting the attention of Jererarians who made a beeline following the old Lady who was shouting and pleading with her boys to stop beating up the old man as he was a relative of the family who had just visited.
    Despite being chased away by the Boys DzeSmoko granny Petso went back to Prophetess Saru's place two days after the fracas.
    He has vowed never to leave her as I said earlier on, after all the Boys are back in Chiredzi enjoying white gold while he sharing the sheets with their mother.
    Hameno ikoko.
    Till next time makuhwa ngaatsve!   
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