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    Sunday, 11 March 2018

    Marooned residents: Beitbridge DA fails to react


    BEITBRIDGE – The critical shortage of vehicles among heads of Government departments has seen Beitbridge Acting District Administrator (DA) Kiliboni Ndou failing to respond to an incident where two children from Tongwe were recently marooned at Tongwe Irrigation Scheme after Tongwe Dam had spilled .
    Apart from being the DA, Ndou is the District Civil Protection Committee (DCPC) chairperson who must respond to all disaster situations and make a comprehensive report to Government.
    The Mirror is reliably informed that Ndou could not go to the location of the near fatal incident and get first hand information because she has no Government vehicle and has not had one since 2014.
    Sources told The Mirror that, Ndou who is the most senior civil servant in the district hops from one vehicle to another when she goes on Government trips. Sometimes she goes on trips in transport offered her by NGOs', other Government departments or organisations that would have invited her to a function.
    One source who declined to be named said Ndou's situation leaves her compromised a lot and it's demeaning to her stature as a senior Government official.
    Ndou said she would not talk to the Press on such issues when contacted for a comment by The Mirror.
    She had however, earlier confirmed the incident of the marooned children but refused to say whether she attended the incident or not.
    The Mirror is informed that the children who were marooned for more than two hours as Tongwe Dam swelled and spilled because of recent floods were eventually rescued by people from the surrounding communities.
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