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    Sunday, 18 March 2018

    Gweru youth chair throat slit, killed in Zanu PF violence


    GWERU – A Zanu PF youth chair for Chiundura District in Midlands Province, Claudious Chikope (29) was killed in cold blooded murder on Friday night by another party member allegedly after some arguments over aspiring candidates.
    Chikope of ward 9, Zaloba area had his throat slit by a broken beer bottle and the murder suspect, Washington Mutetwa (30) is now on the run. Blood gushed from his neck as he gasped and died on the spot.
    Sources close to the case said Chikope and Mutetwa support different candidates who are campaigning to win the Zanu PF ticket to represent the party in the 2018 elections. Chikope supported the sitting MP Brown Ndlovu while Mutetwa supports aspiring candidate Happyson Mbalekwa.
    Midlands Police spokesperson Ethel Mukwende confirmed the incident but dismissed the violence as politically motivated. She told The Mirror that the deceased was killed over a love affair he allegedly had with the accused's wife.
    "I can confirm that Mutetwa approached Chikope at a bar at Zaloba Business Centre and accused him of having an affair with his wife so a misunderstanding arose leading to the murder." said Mukwende.
    However The Mirror was told by sources of well-documented differences between the two over party candidates for the 2018 elections.
    The Mirror heard that on February 25, 2018 Mbalekwa was at Nzonzo bar where he introduced himself as an aspiring MP for Chiundura. After the introductions he allegedly bought 90 bottles of beer and a goat for everyone to enjoy.
    He then announced his intention to stand in the Zanu PF primaries and both Mutetwa and Chikope attended this meeting.
    On March 4, 2018 a district security head only identified as Jazi called for a meeting where he wanted to distribute fertilisers at Chisenga Business Center. During the meeting Jazi allegedly told villagers to desist from receiving groceries from Mbalekwa accusing him of being a spy and an MDC activist.
    The accused allegdldy stood in support of Jazi and said Mbalekwa was nor supporting locals with mining activities. He said that Mbalekwa chased him at his mine and was only allowing people from Kwekwe and Gweru instead of locals. He allegedly told villagers to support the sitting MP.
    Chikope however, stood up and spoke in support of Mbalekwa and said all the allegations were meaningless. The meeting ended after an exchange of harsh words between the two. 
    The report further says that on March 9, 2018 at around 11pm the deceased was drinking beer at Nzonzo bar with 20 other patrons when the accused approached him and questioned him on his support for Mbalekwa.
    The two started shoving each other Chikope broke a Pilsener bottle he was holding and stabbed the deceased on the neck once and he died on the spot.
    Chikopa left the deceased in a pool of blood and ran away and is still at large.
    ChairThese two were drinking beer at a bar with other patrons in Zaloba Business Centre. The suspect approached ClaudiousChikope accusing him of having a love affair with his wife and a misunderstanding arose. 
    The suspect went outside the bar with an empty beer bottle and returned after a few minutes holding a broken bottle in his hand. It is alleged that he went straight to where ClaudiousChikope was seated indicating that he would kill him. He stabbed ClaudiousChikope once on the neck with a broken bottle and twice at the back of his body before he fell down. 
    After committing the offence he ran away leaving him lying on the floor bleeding and he died. Other patrons who witness the incident managed to locate the deceased's uncle and informed that his nephew had been stabbed to death by the suspect. The matter was reported to Gweru Rural Police Station and the scene was attended and the suspect has not yet been arrested. The body was taken to Gweru General Hospital Mortuary for post mortem. 
    Once again the police are appealing to members of the public to solve their disputes or differences amicable by engaging a third party and are able to manage their anger issues. Use of violence constitutes an offence and lead to unnecessary loss of lives. This incident could have been avoided.
    Members of the community, who might have information that may lead to the arrest of the suspect, are also advised to make a report to any police station or make use of the suggestion boxes nearer to them. 

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