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    Sunday, 18 March 2018

    Duped clients anxious as FMC case drags on


    MURAMBINDA – Some 10 desperate FMC clients who borrowed loans from the Murambinda agency have told The Mirror that they are still paying the loans although they never received a cent from the money-lending company.
     Their case is still to be resolved in the courts after Helgar Kunaka (25) employed by FMC allegedly duped them and put the money to her own use.
     Kunaka is the wife of Tafadzwa Kunaka who is Police chaplain at Murambinda and she stays at Murambinda Police Station.
    The matter was reported to the Police in June 2017 but the case is yet to be finalised at Murambinda courts. One complainant told The Mirror that she and other complainants are waiting to be called to court to testify against Kunaka.
     Manicaland Province Police spokesperson Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakahwa said that there are some investigations that are still going on.
    Kunaka is facing theft charges of more than $4000.
    Efforts to get a comment from FMC in Harare were fruitles as the officials kept on saying the person who could comment was not at work.
     The allegations are that clients would apply for loans from FMC and Kunaka would have the money processed through ecocash into the numbers of the clients. However, she would keep a client's ecocash line and withdraw the money into either her account or the husband's account once the amount is received.
    Some clients who spoke to  The Mirror complained that FMC was deducting money from their salaries to repay the loans which they never received.
     One of the complainants, Rachel Murazha (58) said she applied for a loan of $500 from Kunaka on May 5, 2017 using earnings from her husband's pension. Kunaka allegedly told her to come on May 7, 2017 when her loan would be processed but she asked her to leave behind her econet line and her ecocash account pin code.
     Murazha alleges that Kunaka then diverted the money to her own use but what hurts her most is that FMC has been deducting $99.04 from the pension since July 2017 and these deductions would go on for 12 months.
    "What pains me is that I never got the $500 which I applied for but right now I losing money to repay what FMC's own employee stole from me," said Murazha.
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