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    Sunday, 11 March 2018

    Chilling accounts as Chivi serial rapist gets 72 years jail

    Victim faints during court proceedings


    MASVINGO - A violent serial rapist who terrorised Chivi District, particularly areas around Ngundu has been slapped with a 72-year-jail term, one of the longest sentences meted out at Masvingo Magistrate Courts in recent years.
    He is still to face 17 more cases of rape and three of murder.
    Blood chilling accounts of how Charles Matanga Magombedze (31) of Madzivire communal lands in Chief Shindi's area raped more than eight different women including school children were narrated in the packed courtroom much to the chagrin of those present. The rapist used dangerous weapons to bring his victims into submission including hitting them with iron bars, knives and axes.
    One of the victims fainted during court proceedings.
    Magombedze was convicted on eight counts of raping 5 different women and 3 young girls in Chitembe Village in Madzivire, Shokoni Business Centre, Chikova Village, Rukanda Farm, Chibaya High school near Bondolfi Mission, Jeka Village and at Stephen Business Centre along Masvingo Beitbridge Highway.
    He pleaded guilty to all the charges and said he was possessed by a demon and begged for a death sentence from the magistrate.
    Regional Magistrate Dambudzo Malunga said he was being sentenced for traumatizing society and causing fear to households as his actions were akin to animal behavior. She said a long deterrent sentence must be given.
    Magomedze said he wanted death sentence because he is tired of the evil spirits that drive him.
    Mukai Mutumhe prosecuted. 
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