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    Monday, 12 February 2018

    Mucheke man destroys property after reading wife love messages

    Hoth will not rest until you people mati twasa. Kuti twii semu Gumtree. Tell me guys what is it with this street next to this Church in Mucheke, this big church near the stadium the three letter church, FM here or something like that. Namhai vangu dede kudai this street is cursed or something like that.
    Whenever HOTH wants to focus on other important issues something from this area springs up very fast and there is no option but to leave the Gumtrees and get first info, ichiri kupisa.
     Ichi chinoda dish towel because it's hot, Handle With Care, This Side Up, if you remember those cardboard boxes from Bidulphs.
    The story goes like this; there is this beautiful lady or married woman who goes by the name Gift in English chipedzisaiwo nechiShona chamai, mungatadzawo here inga mune Chipo chekufembera wani. Her surname is like that person who feels like Dhancing to the latest hit from the Queen of Africa Yvonne Chaka Chaka, yes she dropped a new one recently.
    Tobva tadii paya tobva tarova Dhanzi zvedu, after all tine Chipo chacho. The couple stay in Maroro Street, I am sure by now you know the woman I am talking about.
    It was on Saturday when all hell broke loose as the husband got hold of her cellphone and as fate would have it came across love messages.
    When HOTH says love messages, they are really love messages because they left nothing to imagination, kuti dededee zvose zvakaitika masikati iwayo naRangton Chekuti or Chakuti or something like that uyu anogara line rekuseri ane tumari mari twakewo. Had it not been a family newspaper HOTH would have reprinted the messages as they are.
    But Rangi usadaro kutora nekutova  mukadzi wepadhuze kudaro, nhai madhlira musadaro. Shuwa dzino chekwa baba.
    After reading the explicit messages Dhanzi's husband went berserk, kupengereka chaiko. Zvimwe zvacho zvinotoda nyanduri, vana Hamutyineyi would do justice to that.
    The man took all the property from the house and started throwing it in Makuva Street near the famous church. The property was smashed in the street in full glare of everyone.
    Vanhu vakaungana for a free movie in the afternoon, rakacheka nyika apa dzichivava dzoga zvadzo until one of the neighbours confronted him and consoled him but the damage had already been done.
    As for the phone, it was smashed into pieces right in the tarmac and the wife was nowhere to be seen as she made friends with the wind the moment she discovered that her game was up.
    On a parting shot, HOTH is reliably informed that Horses is still stealing his friend's wife with the name of a Mutare township, munyaZi. It's not good apa uchimupa mbanje futi, amana amana.
    Asante sane macdes paCarravan ipapo, toita basa. Till next time makuhwa ngaatsve!
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