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    Monday, 12 February 2018

    Chivhu family cringes when rain clouds gather

    • Lighting strike in three succeeding years


    CHIKOMBA - The rainy season is awaited with abated breath in the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. Any sign of a nimbostratus clouds in the skies is a moment of great relief but not so for the Chamunorwa family of Rufu Village in Manyene in Chikomba District.
    Lighting has struck three different homesteads of family members in the same village on three occasions in 2015, 2018 and the other time is thought to be in 2014.
    Francis Chamunorwa was struck and killed together with his dog while they were in the kitchen. Although there were no fatalities, on the other two occasions lightning destroyed property at the homesteads.
    The family is traumatised; gathering rain clouds are an omen for danger. They cringe at the onset of rains.
    In 2015, during a light shower; lightning struck Jimmy Chamunorwa's home injuring his wife and destroying all their property.
    The Chamunorwa family which ordinarily is Christian is now getting superstitious.
    "Fortunately, the houses were not occupied by anyone when lightning struck this year hence no lives were lost. However, as a family, we should come together and do something to end these deadly strikes," said Mangisi.
    Chief Nyoka who is Musafare Matizha said what made the superstition worse is that apart from striking the Chamunorwa family, lightning occurrences are rare in his area.
    He said there is a traditional belief which says that a homestead must be cleansed after a lightning strike and added that he would bring the affected family members together for such cleansing.
    "When lightning strikes, knowledgeable elders are required to cleanse the homestead. In our tradition we say that they are removing the eggs left behind by the lightning," Chief Nyoka said.
    However, from a Christian perspective, former Zimbabwe National Army Chaplin Reverend Phineas Mharadza said lightning is a natural occurrence but when it occurs repetitively, the family should seek divine intervention.
    "There are various myths associated with lightning but if it happens repetitively then the family must seek deliverance in solving the problem and  stick to one religious perspective," he said.
    Scientifically however, lightning occurs due to a sudden electrostatic discharge from a cloud, creating a lightning bolt which travels downward until it reaches the ground. According to science, it is possible for multiple strikes to happen at the same place.
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