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    Friday, 23 February 2018

    Bikita woman kills senior educationist for adultery

    Yoweee, maiwee zvangu this one is too much. From Zaka to Bikita nhaka anopera madistricts ose gore risati rambodii. How can you send your husband six feet underground for siring four children with another woman. This is jealousy gone too far.
    HOTH was shocked when he heard that this honourable woman from Bikita whose husband was a senior Rabbi in the district literally killed her better half in the month of a Goat for having an extramarital affair. Mumwedzi waMbudzi chaiwo and buried in December kuzvi 2 or 3 ikoko. When the senior Rabbi died nobody and I mean nobody ever suspected that it could be the wife. Hold your breath!
    She actually played a big role in chasing the late senior Rabbi's workmates who had come to pay their last respects to their loved one.
    They had to run for their dear lives after they were accused of having a hand in the death of the senior Rabbi from Bikita.
    It was heart-breaking, seeing grown up men taking to their heels in full view of children and beautiful ladies. Anyway that is for another day.
    Last week relatives of the late senior Rabbi summoned their courage and monetary resources and headed for a Sangoma deep down in Mozambique, near SipungaBheira nyasi chaiko.
    Before they embarked on the journey to Mozambique the wife suggested that they engage lawyers to sue the suspected workmates but the bigger brother did not shoot down the idea, instead he said chivanhu first.
    Totanga kunorova hakata, gata maiwee bhowa, vuya uone kutapira kunoita mananga. Zvawakadhla zvopfuka. The wife vehemently protested the idea of consulting a sangoma before the lawyers, but the relatives would have none of that as they put their feet down and off they went to SipungaBheira.
    Warakata, hakata dzakandwa havo tumbi kutarisana.
    The sangoma asks them what they want to happen to the person who killed their relative and in unison, ngaafewo handiti akauraya hama yedu, tongoKopa zvaakaitawo iye.
    After which the sangoma said the person is amongst you and then asked for the late senior Rabbi's wife if she was among them.

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