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    Sunday, 28 January 2018

    Zanu PF disbands command centres

    •    Presence of soldiers in party and Gov structures worrying
    •    Party establishes Election Management Centres


    MASVINGO – Zanu PF has disbanded election command centres beginning with the 2018 elections because of the militaristic connotation of the name.
    Zanu PF deputy national commissar Omega Hungwe said the influx of retired soldiers into party and Government structures is worrying as it is iving a dim view of the name Command Centre.
    Speaking at a Zanu PF inter district meeting in Masvingo on Saturday, Hungwe said it was clear that there were now many soldiers in Government.
    This becomes the first time that a party official has accepted concern over militarisation of Government structures by Zanu PF.
    She said there is a growing perception that Command means the Army and Election Command Centres are therefore structures of the Army.
    She said Zanu PF has therefore changed command centres to Election Management Centres. There will be a National Election Management Centre based at the party headquarters in Harare and below that will be Provincial Election Management Centres found in every provincial capital. Below those will be the Constituency Election Management Centres which are followed by the Ward Election Management Centres found in every ward and then the Polling Station Election Managment Centre based at every polling station, said Hungwe.
    "Handiti muri kuona kuti hurumende yedu yamira sei? Haa handiti muri kuona kuti hurumende yedu yamira sei, mava nemasoldier hanzi kuti command muri kutaura commander weku Army, muri kutaura macommand centres eku Army. Saka hakuchisina chinonzi Command Centre. (Do you see how our Government now looks like? Do you see that there are soldiers in our Government and some are saying that Command therefore means Commander of the Army, you are talking about command centres under the Army. Therefore there are no command centres anymore)", said Hungwe.
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