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    Sunday, 21 January 2018

    Nichrut FC Disaster!


    SHURUGWI – Nichrut, the newly promoted Shurugwi Premier League team is in a fix after the company which owns the stadium that it wants to use for its games has decommissioned the playfield and is planning to mine rich chrome deposits that have been found there.
    ZIMASCO which owns Peak Mine Stadium, one of the best sports grounds in the Midlands Province asked for written questions when The Mirror contacted the company for comment on the status of the playfield.
    Shurugwi Town Council chairman Tsungai Makore however, confirmed reports that ZIMASCO has decommissioned the historic stadium which in its hey days was used for many sporting competitions including soccer. Then Peak Mine Stadium used to be one of the best in Zimbabwe with the country's then vibrant mining industry converging there for national and international athletics competitions.
    Makore told the Mirror that he was vehemently opposed to the idea of decommissioning the stadium and Shurugwi Town Council has since engaged the Minister of State for Midlands Owen Ncube to stop ZIMASCO from developing a mine inside the stadium.
    He said ZIMASCO's move was even more untimely after the promotion of Shurugwi's first team in the Premiership in many years.
    Nichruit officials declined to talk to the Press, however the decommissioning of the stadium means that the team will have to travel to Gweru which is about 30km away for its home games. This increases transport costs for the team and erodes away the development of soccer in the town.
    "As council we are against ZIMASCO's plans to mine in the stadium particularly when we have a team that has just been promoted to the Premier League. ZIMASCO has told us that they have decommissioned the stadium.
    "We have since written a letter to the Minister of State over the matter and we want Government to intervene and let Council take over the stadium and do the necessary renovations," said Makore.
    He said the Stadium was bound to help grow Shurugwi's economy.
    "Having a stadium and the local team playing in it will bring good fortunes to Shurugwi. This will also grow the local economy and industries related to football," he said
    A source close to the development said that the mine has already begun looking at the quantity of ore under the stadium and will soon begin mining operations.
    ZIMASCO is also said to have mined for chrome in a golf course in the town before.

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