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    Wednesday, 27 December 2017

    Mucheke’s Horses sleeps with his best friend’s wife

    HOTH would like to wish all the readers a merry Christmas and a prosporous new year, travel with caution zororo rine mhepo dzkawandisa so be  on the roads, even those vanofamba nengoro munogona kungokudubuka futi.
    So much about the holiday wishes let's get into business, ehe kondokubasaka kumakuhwa. Like HOTH began the year in Mucheke so the year will end in Mucheke after all it is the oldest township in the ancient city where everything happens.
    You think of anything, mogo, kranko, matumbu ehuku, fake doctors, ladies of the night who steal from their customers and of cause friends who snatch their best friends' wives.
    I mean it when I say snatching their friends' wives and here I am referring to this one anogara mumain road yekwa Mucheke, this road ine hall yedu iyi.
    You all know him mhanhi anotengesa mbanje mhani uyu anonziii eeehee Mahorses many Horses or manyurusi hamenoo and his friend is Pavingroad with the surname of this famous Mutare township just some few kilometres from the CBD on your way to Masvingo. Uchangotibvei paMadziro panogochwa apa mhanhi.
    The place is also well known for selling affordable meat zvokuti vanhu vose vekwa Chief Zimunya vanotenga ikoko nyama.
    Mahorses has a tendency of giving his best friend Pavingingroad mbanje hobho kuti adhakwe.
    After giving Pavingroad mbanje dzakawanda he gets intoxicated and Horses sneaks into Pavingroad's house and samples the wife big time.
    Kutora mukadzi wabhururu here vakomana, baba vangu Gudo shava mandikanganwa.
    This other day Pavingroad was offered a whole packet of mbanje and instead of sharing with the boys dzemuraini he decides to smoke half the contents and he gets intoxicated and Horses hits the road straight kumba kwaPavingroad aahh, your guess is just as good as mine.
    Mai Pavingroad vakachiona musi uyu, Horses was like a possessed Tiger and the neighbours got the wind of it and started gathering one after the other waiting to see how Horses would leave the house of horror so to speak.
    One hour, two hours three hours, four hours no sign of the notorious Horses, little did the neighbours know that Horses had used the window to sneak out.
    Babangu Pavingroad takazosvika vanhu vaenda and those who tried to inform him had no evidence and Pavingroad being Pavingroad did not care what he only cares about is his mbanje.
    So as we go for the holidays let's be careful with our friends who offer us beer and mbanje, pane zvavanenge vakateya, hokoyo kumukadzi wako uko, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.
    Makuhwa ngaatsve muna 2018.
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