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    Wednesday, 27 December 2017

    Mentally challenged roasts, eats human flesh after killing girl (2)


    BUHERA- A man from Mutemera Village under Chief Nyashanu in Buhera who is suspected to be mentally challenged has appeared in court after he allegedly axed a two-year old girl to death and ate the arm after roasting it.
    Onwell Ndega Mutemera (25) appeared before Resident Magistrate Dennis Mangosi at Murambinda last Friday facing murder charges after he was found eating the girl's arm that he had roasted.
    It is the State case that on December 5, 2017 at Chihera Village, Headman Betera Chief Nyashanu, the accused approached Monica Sengerai who was playing with her sister Febie Sengerai in a field.
    The accused who was armed with two axes struck the now deceased on the chin and she fell down.  He then cut off her right arm and took it away.
    It is alleged that the accused roasted the arm and ate it and was found with the remains in his pocket and these were recovered by Police.
    Mutemera was positively identified by Febie who was at the scene when the crime was committed.
    The accused was also found wearing blood stained clothes which were described by the deceased's sister.
    The accused was arrested at around 10pm on the same day that he committed the crime after the villagers and Police spent the whole day searching for him.
    The deceased's body was taken to Rusape General Hospital and the remains of the right arm matched the body of the deceased.
    The matter was postponed to December 15, 2017 for examination of the accused.
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