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    Wednesday, 27 December 2017

    Croco Motors vendor infects Hinter Africo driver with STI

    Guys be afraid, be very afraid especially when you approach the famous Croco Motors Bus Terminus because there is a lion in the house, kwakaberekera shumba munorumwa varume woye, kurumwa chaiko.
    This one is HOT, vakomana vanoti chirikupisa. Ichi chekenyanya yeke yeke!
    Last week there was pandemonium and commotion, exchange of harsh and unprintable words as tables turned against this our beautiful vendor not thigh vendor, yes HOTH knows beauty when he sees one. Chakazvagwa zveiwe unongohwa zvako but chakairasa this time kupa mudhara Movo STI.
    HOTH was told that the Hinter Africo driver, Movo went ballistsic as he arrived at Croco Motors from one of his trips to Harare, he almost dropped off the trousers so that everyone who cares could see, but the boys at the terminus restrained him, mudhara akarohwa negonoriya mbishi chairo uuummm he was rotting paEngine chaipo.
    The old man who plies the lucrative Harare-Masvingo route with his yellow Hinter Africo bus said he used to treat Saruh like a Queen, yes her name is Saruh who is light in complexion in the face and dark the whole body, you can call her Fanta Coke or One nation Different Colours.
    Movo used to take Saruh to Harare and back for free and sometimes finance the purchase of her wares which she would sell at Croco, pay rent kuWest uko kwaigara Saruh he would buy her virtually anything upon request, ko vanga vari bhudhi madhliwa chaivo.
    She behaved as if she has shares in Hinter Africo because any trip that she wanted to undertake whether Harare, Mutare, Bulawayo or Chiredzi, Movo would ensure that she gets a free ride, kovanga vari mai Mfana vepaside vaSenior driver, after all drivers help each other especially panyaya dzacho idzi dzezvimayi mayi.
    HOTH was reminded of that woman vaya vadriver wekwa Tande reJoni ava mai vepazvitambi, ngaisiye matambo.
    Movo and Saruh would enjoy the forbidden fruit in the bus, at the lodges, at home you name it, but mudhara yeke yeke ndiyo yakazomuparira. Shwee chigwere chedbonde!
    The old man on this day did not waste time as he went straight for the expensive cellphone which he had just bought for Saruh and snatched it and threw the line on the ground. After that he went for the wares, bananas, apples soft drinks and splashed them everywhere leaving those who wanted to feast on them doing so unhindered apa dzakabata bhurugwa dzichivava.
    Movo spilled everything, kwai Mai Boy kuHarare ndovakatanga kuvava or kuvaviwa hameno, and straight she went for the tests and her fears were confirmed at the local clinic in Epworth.
    The nurses told her in her face that she should bring her lover or husband as they both need treatment pronto, ipappo ipapo otherwise ikaputika chatsva, kutsva chaiko.
    It was a free short movie.
    Sekuru vangu Moyo iwe, Gono chemusi uyu.
    Zvekumira mira pabus re Hinter Africo zvakaknga zvapera kunge mvura yapera kunaya.
    Chisingaperi chinoshura shuwa, Moyondizvo, sugar daddy, Jenandebvu nhaka zvangu.
    Let's hope and just hope that you were only infected with Gonoriya only, otherwise go to Newstart and start a new life mudhara, nekuda kwako zvinhu HOTH hopes hausati wanyamula kamwe kamuvendor futi.
    Itwo tunokabira chopaz tumavendor twacho.
    Asante sana paStopen macdes!
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