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    Monday, 16 October 2017

    MPs shower Chief Mtekedza with money as he attacks Gov over corruption


    CHIKOMBA– Chief  Mtekedza, a vocal traditional leader from Chikomba District was showered with money by several MPs and people gathered at a 2018 National Budget Consultative Meeting held at the Jubilee Hall in Chivhu on Wednesday when he declared that Zimbabwe is a rich country but the people who have made it poor are its greedy and corrupt politicians.
    He said Zimbabwe has immense resources but the cake was not being shared equally.
    First to give him $10 after his speech that was well received was MDC vice president Thokozani Khupe. Zaka East MP Samson Tapera Mukanduri gave him $20, Mt Pleasant MP Jaison Passade $10 and Bulawayo South MP Cross Edward Graham gave him $20.
    Mtekedza said it was ironic for example that a district Police station, chiefs, District Administrators and hospitals did not have vehicles when politicians are changing cars every year. He said the chiefs, hospitals and the Police are the institutions that the ordinary rural people look up to when they need help but Government neglects them in favour of powerful politicians and senior Government officials who are allocated new vehicles every other year.
    "Someone drowns, there is a fatal accident, there is fire; you will find Police has no vehicle,.If an orphan needs help or there is a problem in a community, the chief is required to attend to but they have no cars for transport.
    Chiefs were last given cars in 2004 but hameno kuti imi machinjanisa kangani (but you have changed cars so many times). Toti nyika haina mari here? Mari iri kunetsa iyi yakaenda kupi? Hazvina kunaka kufumura mubereki kuti haana mari, kufumura nyika kuti haina mari (Should we say there is no money? Where is the money going to? It is a shame for our country to be known throughout the World for being poor)", said Chief Mtekedza.
    He added that expensive hotels in Victoria Falls and other flashy places are always full to the brim with Government officials and politicians attending workshops and he wondered what it is that these people are always planning.
    "If you go to Victoria Falls, Nyanga; hotels and conference centres are fully booked, kuHarare maconferences akazara with meetings, mukumboronga chiiko? We must share these resources that we were given by God equally," said Chief Mtekedza.
    He concluded by saying  it was important for those making budgets to ensure that Police, Social Welfare Department, chiefs, hospitals and people living with disabilities' transport requirements are catered for in the 2018 national budget.
    He said Zimbabwe's poverty has gone to the extremes and it was sad to say the country is poor when it has all mineral resources.
    "Hwurombo hwedu hauchabvira kutaura, vanhu vari kuchema kuti hurombo hwapfuurira mwero.Handigone kutaura kuti Zimbabwe haina mari, takapiwa zvakakwanira naMwari but pane zvatiri kutadza kubata zvakanaka. We have riches, from diamonds to gold and many other minerals. We should as a people learn not to fear some powerful people but God," said chief Mtekedza.
    Chikomba Residents and Rate Payers Alliance chairman Collen Zvarevashe said the challenge with national budget is accountability, implementation and lack of feedback.
    He said there is need to prioritise the health of people in the budget.
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