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    Monday, 2 October 2017

    Manyame proposes 4,3m standstill budget


    BEATRICE – Manyame RDC has just finished consultations with stakeholders and has proposed a $4, 317 716 budget. The budget slightly varies with the 2017 budget which is a 10% decrease from 2017's budget of about 5million. 
    The draft budget was presented by the treasurer, Maramba at a full council meeting on Thursday. The final draft is expected to be taken to the Minister of Rural Development and Preservation of National Cultural Heritage, Abednico Ncube by early November.
    Notable in the proposed 2018 budget is prepaid parking fees pegged at $13. There will also be an open space user fee at $15. Beatrice residents will be happy to know that Marirangwe Hall hire fees have been slashed by 50% from $50 to $25,25 
    The cost of using a pay toilet will be 5c.
    The local authority is expecting to increase proceeds from its irrigation activities by a whopping 470% from $1 140 in 2017 to $6 500 in 2018. 
    The council is expecting $350 from stray cattle fines. In 2017 there is no budget for stray cattle and the local authority will charge $1,20 a day to looking  after stray cattle.
    A business private developer scheme will charge $200.
    Encroachment penalty will increase from $320 to $350 in 2018. Precious minerals mining unit tax has been pegged at $8 000 from $0.
    Placing bill boards at the aerodrome has been increased from $0 to $1 200.
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