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    Monday, 11 September 2017

    Mberengwa Gov offices go 5 months without water


    MBERENGWA – There are serious fears of disease outbreak at Mberengwa Business Centre which is home to 15 000 people as the place including key institutions like the hospital, the District Administrator's (DA) office, the Police and the residential area have gone for five months without water.
    Acting Mberengwa DA, Chalton Murove confirmed the situation and said engaging Zinwa over the past months has yielded nothing.
    It is understood that the water crisis developed after one of the two water boreholes at the centre broke down in April.
    Zinwa spokesperson Majorie Munyonga said they were aware of the situation and their technical team was working hard to fix the problem.
    Murove said that the situation was so dire that some blair toilets were full and the affected people were using bush toilets.
    An electric borehole belonging to a local businessman that assisted in the situation also recently broke down and people were getting water from Mtshingwe River and other unprotected sources. Unscrupulous people are selling a 20 litre bucket of water for $3.
    "Mberengwa office 1 gets its water supplies from two boreholes; one of them broke down and Government institutions like the hospital and Police which are on high ground are failing to get water. We have fixed the borehole and we are in the process of drilling a third borehole so that we may have sufficient water supply," said Munyonga.
    Patients at Mberengwa Hospital said the place was in a mess due to the water crisis. Relatives were allegedly being asked to bring water for patients.
    Mberengwa district medical officer, Dr Gabriel Ndagurwa however, dismissed the story and said all was well.
    "Our blair toilets are not full. We are having water challenges but not for five months. Interventions are in progress to get water running reliably, we are connecting our borehole to reservoir tanks which are already in place," said Ndagurwa.
    Mberengwa North MP Tafanana Zhou blasted Dr Ndagurwa for portraying a false picture. Zhou said nothing has happened despite several promises by Zinwa to address the situation.
    He said he had written a letter to Zinwa CEO Dr Sakupwanya over the issue.

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