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    Monday, 4 September 2017

    Lecturers, soldiers feast on Policeman’s wife

    HOTH anoenzanisa akati ku Police oti kumasoja, oti kuPrison, kumabusinessmen, kuno nekoko, nekumaticha he is also there. I don't discriminate on the basis of creed or colour ayewa.
    Tinobata Kwese Kwese like Masiiwa's TV Station.
    This week we are at Zimuto Police Camp.
    This time around it is a combined operation because it involves lecturers, the law enforcement agencies and soldiers.
    Mai varikugamuchidzanwa semudzanga, kunge Arsenal irikurohwa muEPL, nhasi zvangu nemaGunners ndichanyimwa hwahwa. Irisei Arsenal Detective Sgnt Edmore.
    Sorry for taking too long to introduce our philandering woman officer at Zimuto camp, some are already developing cramps in their stomachs, no I don't mean you ayewa,
    Kwauri ndichauya, don't worry gore harisati rapera, today I am talking about this assistant Inspector who works at the Central Police Station in the city centre chaimo imo and is married to this muira shoko wekwaMurewa aah bodo, aPhiri, Soko, Ncube vanhu ava vakuru vakatadza vakasiyanisa mutauro, so goes the hit song by Sungura ace Senior Lecturer Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria, yet they are the same people of the same totem.
    Makadiiko vana mukanya, this time makadhligwa munda majaira kudhlira vamwe.
    Gona una gona wakevo.
    Yes, you can't continue ravaging other people's precious wells while yours is fully protected, this time zvakaiwana ngwarati.
    The Policewoman answers to the husband's surname since the two are married legally although they are now on separation.
    What touches HOTH the most is that the husband is a gentlemen and treats others with respect, but alas he has a sexual pervert for a wife.
    The court granted the separation after Policewoman was caught pants down dishing it out to this other lecturer whom HOTH failed to identify as he bolted away upon being caught.
    This evil deed happened at the Clipsham Views stands before the official opening by Ministers Chinamasa and Kasukuwere.
    Yes she actually officially opened her legs there for the lecturer in his car and the husband got wind of the two's operations and lo he caught them while the golden stick was in the cookie jar, deep inside babanhiya iwee.
    Sometimes in spectacles, light in complexion with the much sought after bottle shape, the wife of this Inspector Policeman once went between the sheets with a soldier who is a Captain at 4 1 Brigade, forgive HOTH I personally have nothing against you Mr Captain, but this is painful.
    At one time the Captain sent his wife on holiday in order to have quality time with Madam Policewoman, hehehede makapenga zvenyu.
    How can you take turns to play horizontal mambo game with her like that while the husband is in Harare loafing for the three offsprings.
    But be careful Inspector better go for paternity tests which have been reduced to $100 at NUST in Bulawayo because zvana izvo could be someone's. Mukanya be careful. Wozoti HOTH haana kukuronzera! 
    Brother Policeman is hoping that one day she will change her behaviour, take my advice Mukanya last month this other Policeman from Mashava spent two weeks holed up at your residence, muZimuto imomo achinwa zvimuto mumba mako, kumwa nemuto here. Mai vangu Chihera iwee, kukokota, wose muto.
    A leopard will never change her spots because Mai vanoda zvinhu ivavo, senior Policemen paCentral apa vapedza naye mukadzi uyu.
    Kwakadii kuHospital nhai Dee, hauchauyi kuLiquids kubva zvawakabinha your ex-boyfriend, asi iweka, unongoti kutsvuka.KoKwaMucheke KwaYeukai kuTent uko Pastor Bhooo of Rivers of Love, Kwese Kwese vana kunge Kwese TV.
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