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    Sunday, 24 September 2017

    Colours Furniture girl shows us where it is

    Colours Furniture sex-pot shows us where it is
    Oh mai vavo! Hoth would have wanted to stay out of this, but how can he when it's the talk of the Ancient City?
    Oh yes, Yeukai, the red-Indian girl from this furniture shop in Masvingo showed us where it all is. Hoth thought it was for private parties only! Kkkkkk not anymore, in the kombis, bars, little kids, mai vavo they are all musing over it!
    Yeu laid it all bare, the whole geography, weGona Chitova! Kubva kumusoro Kariba kusvika zasi Limpopo. Africa yese! Everything kkkkk including its red, red, red inside!
    Asi chii nhai Yeu? Hoth knows you are a sexpot but why trust your most treasured asset with anyone? Kana mums vako chaivo! Ko kuzoti vana jangwaya vembanje avo kkkkkk!
    Any doubt that this thing is being used for commerce! It is, otherwise why parade it to the extent of filming it nhai Yeu? Usadaro mhani iwe Yeu!
    Oh yes there is this girl; ehezve Hoth is an African and for the sake of his short Memory he calls her Yeukai. She works for this Colourful furniture shop in the City where she sits at the front desk. You get into the shop looking to the South; ehezve apa pakona paright, aah sorry paleft we-e ndipo paanogara.
    Hoth agrees that she is lookable and a number of men have traded blows over her and in particular the City's most famed dealers! Ehezve vakomana vanotengesa mbanje- mbanje; cocaine nezvimwe zvinodhaka!
    Aika-ka pfuti dzakabudazve! Ehezve zvine Gomba mukati zvinhu izvi; zvine makomba; yes makuva; ko imi manga mafunga kuti kudii? Makuva! Foolish men have died over those things.
    Ehe Hoth akanyatsotora kavideo kacho, akakaisa mudenga, akaisa pasi, akananganidza, akatsinzinyira ziso, akadongorera and he still wonders kuti vana Pfocho chavafira ipo paya chii Kkkkkk! What's there to die for? Zvokwadi ndopika naTaurai hapana chokufira paya!
    So this girl, oops, sorry mother of two decides to shoot a 51 second video; a video where she is using her bare hands to excite her private. She gasps, screams, whimper as she pulls it like someone milking a dog kkkkkk. Kukama mbwa! Wegona Chitova!Munotambireiko matambiro iwayo nhaii?
    The video was probably taken from a laptop as Yeu lies with her back on a bed with dozens of pillows under her. The video must have been sent somewhere to excite a client but alas technology haitambwi nayo chisikana. The video went viral on Friday and there is nothing private on you anymore!
    Rutenga ZESA driver caught pants down with married woman 
    Gogoi PaRutenga pane tengeka nevanotenga tenga rudo nhaka isharaude.
    The milkman does not deliver milk only, moyondizvo chakachaya paZesa apo.
    When HOTH broke the news of Rutenga nurse who was caught pants down, some misguided elements behaving well, anonzi HOTH chitasamura mapenzi, but some have Zesa in their undergarments havanzvi bodo they are at it again. As usual it is HOTH's social responsibility to expose those with fire in between their legs.
    There are some people believe after seeing like the biblical Thomas and in Rutenga there are many like that. Most are now eager to know who is this Rutenga Thomas kkkkkkk? 
    People think ZESA workers only power electricity to homes, no they even go a step further. There is this senior driver at Rutenga ZESA of the Mhukahuru or Zhou totem.      
    Nway let me address this driver as Mr Notification or Chiziviso because kana vakuenda kumadzimai evamwe he sends a notice that he is coming.  Mr Notification was recently caught pants down with a married woman, while his wife is busy studying at a certain teachers college in Masvingo province. 
    The woman in the centre of all this is called Madiro, gore rino vanoita madiro ageorgina chaiwo Mr Notification.
    Now Mr Notification and Madiro stay side by side, vakatarirana kudai in Rutenga nhaka.
    When Madiro's husband got wind of the two's evil acts he put a tracker on wife's phone without her knowledge.Ukatasvaka makudo mugomo unomawana peya, hawo.
    Barely two weeks after the tracker was mounted in the phone, the husband went back to Beitbdridge where he works, Mhukahuru akati ndiripanio.
    After a week, hubby returns and checks his wife's call log in the recorder and that's where all hell broke loose.
    Mai angu gorogodo iweeeee. He was greeted by those sweetie voice recording from his wife complimenting Mr Notification for being a tiger in bed. "Mhukahuru ndimi mega munobata basa pasi pano. Kana murume abuda kudzokera Bridge will call you mouya mozondishandira henyu" pwaaaati kuti kwakumasowe here, baba vangu Moyo iweeeee. 
    One day Madiro's hubby returned unannounced and after performing his fatherly duties he left around 7pm and immediately the two love birds coded each other, kohandi vanogara vakatarirana and Mr Noty quickly raids the house. Sepamba pake he starts by drinking the wise waters, kukoka simba.
    After v30mins hubby budges in and the two were in their birthday suits, baba angu chasura iwee, even that song by the late wordsmith Marko Sibanda does not fit here because there were no towels.What happened after that is everyone's guess. 
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