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    Sunday, 17 September 2017

    Chaka Police assaults another motorist

    •  Victims of the first incident invited to identify culprits


    CHAKA – Using a small torch to stop vehicles along a busy highway at night, apparently drunk Chaka cops have become notorious for assaulting motorists who fail to immediately notice them.
    Two weeks ago, five cops who were said to be drunk were reported for assaulting a driver of a South African registered vehicle, a prominent lawyer with the Legal Resource Foundation and a senior member of the Zimbabwe National Army. That report made at Masvingo Central Police Station doesn't seem to have perturbed the officers at all or their officer-in-charge as the assaults appear to be on the increase.
    National Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Charity Charamba told The Mirror in an interview that the lawyer and other people assaulted recently have been invited to a parade to identify culprits who are understood to be from Charandura, a remote rural Police base.
    On Saturday night, the cops were again reported at Masvingo Central Police Station for assaulting Zivanai Mugwachari who was in the company of his mother-in-law Getrude Gutsa. They were coming from Harare going to Masvingo. A medical report was taken and it shows that severe force was used against Zivanai and he had injuries on the chest, wrist and hand. Severity of injuries is to be determined after X-ray.
    The matter was reported at Masvingo Central Police RRB 3179646.
    "When we were approaching Chaka Business Centre I saw some light which was barely visible and I instructed my son-in-law who was driving to slow down as I suspected that it could be a roadblock.
     "As he was applying breaks one of the Policemen threw a spike under the car and then my son-in-law disembarked and queried the reason for throwing a spike on a car that was stopping.
    "They started quarrelling and one of the cops ordered for my son-in-law to be handcuffed at which point I disembarked and queried why they behaved so badly when they were Policemen. At that point they started beating my son with clenched fists and booted feet and he fell down. When I tried to intervene they shouted at me saying I should move away as I would be injured as well. I however, could not watch my son-in-law getting killed and I continued trying to rescue him until he got a chance to run away towards the business centre while the details were in hot pursuit.
    "We only left the scene after some people gathered and started to query the behaviour of the Police who were in any case smelling beer," said Gutsa in her report at Masvingo Central Police.
    It is alleged that earlier on a vehicle overturned at the roadblock after Police threw a spike at it while it was still in motion.
    Midlands spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende was not reachable at the time of going to press.
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