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    Tuesday, 1 August 2017

    Teacher Jackson Madamburo ravaging girls at Rentals College

    There is this teacher at Rentals College who was once at this High School in the high density suburb of Mucheke who left the school under a dark cloud after being caught giving the golden stick to an under age form one student.
    The teacherman had to leave in a huff after getting the wind that the ministry would terminate his contract if found guilty of misconduct and chances are that he would get nothing for the years he spend teaching or cheating with school girls.
    The teacherman goes by the name Bush something something hameno kumaTondo ikoko.
    Bush, Sango, Dondo, Jungle at this college in the city centre opposite where my bosses are found near this Grand Challenge Store, storo yekuhwinisa hwinisa zvimota nemazimota, nhaka kusvika mati eke.
    HOTH heard that this lecturer or teacherman has a golden stick that never stops working, day-a-day he plays hide the sausage game and with different women. Kuita seanodhla Congo Dust.
    We all know it is difficult to kill old habits HOTH is told Bush has already started bushing them students from this Rentals college where he is now plying his trade taking them one by one day-a-day in the bush, lodges you name it at.
    Last week he was seen by HOTH entering this dilapidated 19th Century Lodge. Chinotobuda makonzo zvokuti HOTH believes that they share the rent and rates because they occupy the same amount of space as that of the owner.   
    Bush was with this tall, slim and light in complexion girl (name withheld) who stays in Rhodene and comes to school earlier than others, mai vanokasika chose kuuya kuskuru ivavo, anonzi maearly birds, very punctual.
     Ko Dread wemaPlan uyu woku...aiii ndozvitaura aimbomhanya nacho and once requested for keys in the morning just to go and sample before lessons statred.
    Even on the day of her turn at the Lodge she came earlier than Mr Bush, Sango, Jungle or Mudondo imomo.
    Mbuya vangu manjenjenje kudai bodo.
    Koizvo zvokukurumidza ndizvo zvakaita kuti HOTH amuone because she was just walking around aimlessly around the the Lodge.
    Achingomaira maira.
    As usual HOTH became curious and one event led to the other until Mr Bush arrived and off they went into the Lodge and did their business there and came back after a good 1 and half hours.
    HOTH had no option but to wait for the two who had gone to enjoy the forbidden fruit at the reception as if enquiring for services.
    First to come out was the teacherman or Mr Bush who looked exhausted but confident may be a sign that I have put my signature on yet another one, kusaina.
    After some few minutes madam Panctual followed and was all smiles implying she enjoyed the act and the rewards as well because kwanzi vanobhadhara, zvokwadi vhunzai vana vepa chekeche vaakambocheka.
    Komwana wechikoro anganyanya kudei, 3 dhombi is enough.
    The following day he was at the same venue with a different girl from the same College who is doing form 4 ichi chirikudzokorora, dzokono dzokororo inesimba, at Gold High School she used to dish it like confetti, with reckless abandon.
    Now she is at this our College Rentals throwing caution to the wind because HOTH is told she wants it like that, yekeyeke, mbishi, Shefu Mudhosvo tarirai vana venyu zvovoita.
    Be careful unobatana nacho chakapedza mbudzi, hokoyo! make sure you don't spread it to other girls at the school because mungapera.
    Urisei Dephy Dephy apo. Irikudii A Level, siyana nemwana we form three iwe aah haunyari.
    Bye for now see you muClass tonyora Geo.

    Tomorrow lets all not take a bath in protest against this cold weather, ngatiratidzei chando kuti enough is enough.
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