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    Saturday, 19 August 2017

    Silveira ‘suicide’ boy left a 5-page note


    BIKITA – The Police in Bikita are holding to a five page letter in which the deceased Silveira High Pupil Wesley Shuro who committed suicide last Saturday bid farewell to many relatives and friends including his parents.
    Investigations made by various arms of Government seem to point to the fact that Shuro who had just been transferred from Alheit High School in Gutu was reserved and moody most of the time. This is according to evidence given by his dormitory mates during investigations.
    Sources told The Mirror that Shuro told his parents in the letter that he was taking his life because there was a fellow student who had a snake and he feared that the snake would devour him.
    "Chisarai mama, chisarai......ndaona kuti .....ane nyoka yake ingazondidya (Good bye mum......good byee......I have seen that ......has a snake and it would devour me)", said Shuro in the letter.
    A source told The Mirror that Shuro used to complain to the boarding master that there were bullies who were pouring water on his bed and this forced the school to move him from one hostel to another. However, some students were made to spy on him and reports reaching The Mirror indicate that the school discovered that he was pouring water on his own bed.
    "It looks like Shuro did not want to learn at Silveira and was trying to get any means possible to find an excuse to leave the school. He was transferred from Alheit because the parents wanted him to join his elder brother who is doing A level at Silveira.
    However, the brother was away at home on the day that Shuro committed suicide. The elder brother who is also a border had gone was asked to come home by the parents.
    Efforts to get a comment from the deceased's parents were fruitless.
    However Shuro will be buried in Ward 35 in Masvingo Rura District today (Thursday).
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