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    Thursday, 10 August 2017

    One beast for a driver’s licence

    •  Driving school takes city by storm as it charges in heifers


    MASVINGO – Business is about creativity, embracing change as a constant and adapting to trends.
    Felix Mutizwa, the proprietor of Tafadzwa Driving School is doing just that. The economy is harsh and one of the results is that it is not fluid and there is no cash around.
    However, the demand for driver's licences is high due to the automobile boom in the country as second hand vehicles from the East and in particular Japan have flooded Zimbabwe's streets.
    Gutu born Mutizwa saw a business opportunity in driving schools but noted the tight liquidity crunch that has affected every pocket. Being the skilful business man that he is, he realized that a Zimbabwean's wealth is locked up in cattle.
    "The demand for licences in Zimbabwe is huge but people don't have cash. Zimbabweans particularly those in the rural areas keep their money in cattle and they pay for almost any project by selling the cattle and this includes paying for such things as school fees.
    "I came up with an idea where those who want to get driver's licences can pay through their livestock and in particular cattle.
    "This idea has set our driving school on a firm road to growth and in good times we get as many as 18 cattle. If anyone has a beast anywhere in Masvingo, we go and clear it with the Police and do lessons until the person gets a licence," (Nyangwe riri dofo tinoita kusvika rapasa) said Mutizwa.
    Mutizwa said he also realized that people from rural areas are hamstrung when it comes to getting licences because they have no accommodation in the city from where they can have lessons. He has therefore arranged accommodation where learner drivers can stay for free until their mission is completed. The learner drivers are also given free meals at the school's boarding place, 14 Greenfields.
    The two strategies; paying through heifers and providing accommodation and food is working wonders for Tafadzwa Driving School as its cars are already oversubscribed.
    Located at 13 Greenfield Street in Masvingo next to Mutirikwi Subcatchment offices, Mutizwa runs the Tafadzwa Driving School with his wife Placedes. The two are set to build an iconic driving school with the best standards as they are both well qualified driving instructors.
    They both possess Class 1 driver's licences and Mutizwa got his instructor's licence at Delta Corporation, a reputable multinational which has some of the best driving standards in the country.
    Before establishing his own driving school, Mutizwa worked as an instructor at Kushinga Driving School in Masvingo.
    He is also an immensely experienced driver who has worked under the most arduous conditions. He drove for several cross border bus companies including  B and C. Placedes has also worked for other driving schools before the couple established their own school.
    That Mutizwa has business acumen is not in doubt. Starting from humble beginnings as a casual worker, he has gradually worked his way up.
    After leaving cross border buses, Mutizwa bought a Kombi that plied the Masvingo - Zaka route while his wife was an instructor at a driving  school. Mutizwa abandoned the commuter business after realizing the quick depreciation of vehicles particularly when they ply bad rural roads.
    He broke the car for parts and sold them and was at one time in the taxi business. He had taxis called Tafadzwa but moved from taxis when  the urge to follow his passion got the better of him.
    "I love driving. My passion is instructing new drivers for safe driving along our roads and I could not help but go back to my first calling," said Mutizwa.
    Tafadzwa Driving School was formed in 2012.
    Mutizwa was born in a humble family in Soti Source Resettlement Area in Gutu. He went to Tongogara Primary and Secondary Schools for his primary and secondary education and another part of his secondary education was at Christian High School in Masvingo.
    The couple is blessed with three children, George, Gloria and Guilda.
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