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    Thursday, 10 August 2017

    No heroes from the Kamungoma Massacre?


    GUTU –The Kamungoma massacre is the worst at a pungwe and probably the biggest  that took place inside Zimbabwe during the liberation war. Inspite of the magnitude of this war tragedy there is not one person who has been considered for any level of hero status.
      Does this mean there was no show of bravery by anyone in this; one of the most brutal attacks in the history of war.
    Interviews by The Mirror showed that there was Wilfred Tsvagirai Mapfumo who did not go to the pungwe because he had just arrived home from a long journey. When gun fire broke out he worried a lot about his children and wife who were at Kamungoma.
    He tried to mobilise some people in the neighbourhood to go to the scene to rescue the loved ones. None agreed.
    He went solo and sneaked straight into the battle field. When the guns fell silent for the last time, Mapfumo was the first man to walk into the mass of bodies and injured people and called out the names of his children and wife. He and his small boys ran up and down to collect water to give those who were crying out for the precious liquid.
    He retrieved the gun from Cde Double Killer (submachine) who had been shot dead and collected the belt of bullets strapped around his waist and vowed that the soldiers were not going to lay their hands on the weapon.
    He later handed over the gun to a group of comrades.
    "Are you sure you want these white soldiers to also take away this gun as a trophy. No they won't," he said this before he retrieved the weapon.
    The other man who showed bravery was Mugabe Mugariwa who when he saw truck loads of soldiers going towards the pungwe ran on foot to alert the Zanla combatants. He was shot just after delivering the message resulting in his bowels hanging out of his tummy.
    Tinashe Gonese who is the vice-chairman of Kamungoma War Disaster appeals to all well-wishers to support the war victims.
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