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    Saturday, 26 August 2017

    Nemamwa businessman; from rags to riches


    NEMAMWA – Stanford Chibaya is a fitting example of the rags to riches story.
    Coming from a humble background where his father Edison Imbayago Chibaya and mother Zivei Masa were mere peasant farmers in Mapanzure in Masvingo Rural, Chibaya is now a proud owner of various properties at Nemamwa Growth Point. In fact he has seven properties there and is undoubtedly the most thriving businessman at Masvingo Rural District's biggest growth point through his company Chibaya Jacksolars.
    One of his complexes at Nemamwa houses a grocery shop, a bar, electronics repair shop and a hardware, while the second one which is under construction will have an eating house, electronics repair shop, hardware, a night club, grocery shop, hair saloon, clothing and tailoring shop among others.
    Chibaya did not go beyond O Level but degreed business graduates are consulting him when they want to start their own ventures. He did his secondary education at Mapanzure and Mudavanhu schools respectively and some of his esteemed classmates were the current Masvingo Rural District Council chief executive officer, Martin Mubviro.
    After his O Levels, Starnford was lucky to get a job with Zesa in Harare as a general hand. He says that business is in his blood and as he worked he started running a tuckshop in 1999 in Glen Norah in Harare. This was the beginning of what was to become a thriving business empire as his tuckshops increased to 15 by 2005. He also then ventured into home industries where he was into car-breaking.
    A new adversity brought another era for him. At the peak of his tuckshop business, Government embarked on the Murambatsvina programme where Police and soldiers destroyed all structures that were not sanctioned by council and all his tuckshops were affected. Chibaya regarded this as a big setback and crossed the border into Botswana before retreating back home to Mapanzure where he started a number of retail shops and rented premises from other business people.
    "Business is in my blood. My father sold vegetables from his garden and he was very successful at that. My grandfather (paternal) had big orchards by peasant standards and he sold fruits to various business centres around Masvingo. My father's orchards are still around and I am benefitting a lot from them since I am also selling fruits including avocadoes and oranges," said Chibaya.
    He also said that his grandfather and uncles on the maternal side were also thriving business people. His grandfather Salatiel Masa also sold vegetables from his garden while his uncle Robson Masa was a school head and ran a number of shops around the district.
    "My commerce studies at O Level also helped me a lot. I won't forget the cliché; making money makes sense. I wisely use whatever little money I get to make more money and I have learnt that you can never yearn for money if you work hard because you will always have it," said Chibaya.
    Apart from the shops, Chibaya is a proud owner of two cars and two trucks. He also has other shops that he is running outside Nemamwa. He says during economic hard times like now, he makes about $1 000 a day.
    Chibaya who is always cognizant of his poor background has turned philanthropist as he is helping his community in many ways. He offers his truck to ferry bodies from mortuaries to the villages, if the family is stranded. He also attends to all emergency medical situations by ferrying the ill to hospital ie; pregnant mothers, people who are bitten by snakes or people who suddenly get ill.
    The humorous and humble Chibaya is also into politics and is eyeing a council seat in the 2018 harmonised elections.
    "I have always been in politics but I love politics that is peaceful. I worked with the likes of Joseph Chinotimba in Glen Norah and I was a chair in the branch structures. I am currently a chair in our Zanu PF structures here at Nemamwa," said Chibaya.
    Chibaya is married to Sophia Kunguma and they have six children.
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