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    Thursday, 10 August 2017

    Mucheke’s Mai Pree, Parafin’s affair now talk of the town

    It is now an open secret that Mai Pree or PressingMore naPetrol, Parafin or Fuel are now an item and they are planning a white wedding. Muchena chaiwo.
    Literally vatova Solo naMutsai because love irikutsva zvokudonhedza makonzo mumba, so said the late wordsmith Paul Matavire wekwaMaranda, Mwenezi uko.
    What is bad about this relationship is that both parties are married to other partners and these partners know what is going on between Mai Pree and Parafin the famous Mechanic, he does not only fix cars but also those women of loose morals.
    The other twist to the story is that Messi or Mai Pree has many other sexual partners besides her husband and Parafin the mechanic.
    I thought Messi was a male footballer from Argentina who plays for Barca in Spain, no guys we have our own from Mucheke in the form of a woman who double crosses men like Messi dribbling past defenders leaving them sprawling on the ground.
    I can hear some are saying we don't clearly know the people you are talking about, ok no problem, let me start with Parafin.
    Parafin is a mechanic at home who is in his late thirties and married to Phily with two kids chimwe chiri muGrade 5 chimwe chiri muECD and he started going out with Messi when she was still at school.
    WoiPondora hakozve nhai Parafin, nhaka varozvi vakapera nenda. Kukapondora iko kapfupi aka, yuwii.
    Messi or Mai Pree as she is popularly known, is short and light in complexion, she puts on mini-mini skirts to town, to Church which is near Chesvingo Police Base and when going for her orders, yes vegetable orders ko handi ane musika here imomo muChesvingo kwaMucheke kwazvakarehwa.
    Messi is also very pompous about her guitar like thighs which she displays with reckless abandon at her vending stall outside their gate. She has two kids with her current husband and they stay along Moyondizvo street at number 89.. near Chesvingo Preschool …ndikuhwei futi muchiti hamumuzivi.
    When the two lovebirds want to have quality time they text each other and go to Deo or Wimpy wachimwira mwira zvavo in their 1968 T Model Nissan Sunny, kokuthlei ivo vachithlisa.
    This other time the husband came across some love messages and when he tried to protest he was told to shut up and when neighbours told him that his wife is giving it to other men he said "Zvinowanikwa varume" eish dzinenge dzakadhliswa nebowl. By the way Messi's husband is a devoted elder at this Church near Ebenezer kwaanoinda naMadam, shame apa zvinhu zvichingo Pondoriwa naana Pondorai.
    On the other hand Parafin's wife tried to protest but she was pummelled by the abusive Parafin who claims that Messi is now his second wife because the original husband is failing to quench her sexual appetite and he is the Tiger in the street.
    Messi is also involved with this man who works for Prison Services, nhaka zvedu nhevanhu vekumajeri uku, the wife of the ZPCS man died in 2013 after serving as a polling officer during the harmonised election, she was teacher, MHDSRIEP, unfortunately her husband is not resting, arikuPondogwavo naMessi, kwakuseri Mai Pree…

    To be continued
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