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    Thursday, 10 August 2017

    Health hazard at Hippo as children pick syringes, gloves from dumpsites


    CHIREDZI – Hundreds of children are at risk of contracting diseases after it was discovered that they are picking and playing with used syringes and blood stained medical gloves found at a dumpsite in Section 17 of Hippo Valley in Chiredzi.
    A Health Master at Ngwindi Primary School Jethro Severa confirmed the issue and said the school has since raised the matter with relevant authorities. Severa however, turned around and said that he was not allowed to talk to the Press when he was asked for details.
    On Tuesday a number of children are said to have brought blood stained gloves to the school to make soccer balls.
    Sources told The Mirror that pupils from Ngwindi were recently spotted piercing each other with the used needles. Others were using their mouth to inflate blood-stained gloves they picked from the dumpsite.
    The Mirror could not establish the surgery or hospital which is dumping the used material at the dumpsite but those interviewed told The Mirror that a Tongaat Hullet vehicle is the one that they usually see dropping garbage at the site.
    Tongaat Communications and Corporate Affairs Manager Adelaide Chikunguru said Hippo Medical Centre incinerated all its waste. She promised to look further into the matter and suggested that it might be the work of private surgeries.
    "Yes I can confirm that some of our pupils took used syringes and injected each other with them while acting like nurses and patients. They are not the only ones as others also took used medical gloves to make pressured balls. Can`t you just call authorities since I am not allowed to speak to the Press," said Severa.
    A Grade 6 pupil at the school said the dumpsite is a favourate place for them as they find many gadgets they then use to play with. He said he never used a syringe but always make balls from gloves.
    "Our medical centre has an incinerator where they destroy all their medical garbage. What you are saying is not possible maybe it is being done by private surgeries who are coming from outside to dump in our area," said Chikunguru.local news
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