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    Thursday, 10 August 2017

    Chikomba farmer wins Tobacco National Farmer of The Year


    CHIKOMBA - George Kaswa, a tobacco grower from Chikomba has raised the district's flag high when he won the Kutsaga Tobacco Improved Productivity Sites (TIPS) National Tobacco Farmer of the Season Award.
    The extension worker for the area; Ward 8, Trust Musariri went on to scoop the National Agritex Extension Worker of the Year Award based on the results of his farmer who beat 200 other farmers to the prize.
    It was noted that Kaswa and Musariri achieved a rare feat as it has been many years since a farmer and his extension worker won the two prizes at once.
    The award won by Kaswa who is involved in farming activities at Plot number 25 Kamellagate is for the season 2016 -2017 the results were announced at an event held at the Tobacco Research Board centre in Harare recently.
    Kaswa got a Yamaha motor cycle, five thousand-litre tank, 30 bags of fertilizer from different fertilizer companies including ZFC, Omnia and Windmill, 40kgs seed from Seedco and Agriseeds, a bicycle from Seed' co, a smart phone, tobacco chemicals, certificate of participation, knapsack, work suit and t- shirts.
    Musariri received a Yamaha motor cycle, 50 kgs Omnia fertilizer, smart phone, 20kgs of seed from Agri-seed and Seed' co seeds and t- shirts.
    Tobacco Research Board training manager Goodson Khuddu said judging involved assessment of seedbeds, curing of tobacco, record keeping, cost management, quality and weight of the product.
    Kaswa encouraged young farmers to participate in all Government and Agritex farming programs and said he expected to continue excelling in future.
    Musariri said the TIPS demonstrations are sponsored by the Tobacco Research Board in all Provinces of Zimbabwe and done by the farmers with the supervision of their agricultural extension worker and supervisor. The main focus of the programme is growing tobacco seed using the float tray system which is user friendly.
    "The program is so unique and crucial to the nation and can increase production and quality of tobacco. I appreciate the support I am receiving from the District Agricultural extension officer Gibson Tokotore, my supervisor Alex Sitotombi, agritex extension workers in the district and farmers'" said Musariri.
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