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    Thursday, 10 August 2017

    109 village head vacancies in Chikomba


    CHIKOMBA- Tens of villages in Chikomba District are operating without village heads, a situation that has seriously frustrated and compromised traditional court systems.
    Chikomba Acting Administrator Biriat Tasarira confirmed the situation and attributed it to various factors but most importantly, the installation fees known as chivuchiro in Shona demanded for by headmen whic is too high and out of reach of the majority of heirs.
    Speaking at a traditional leaders' meeting in Chivhu recently, Tasarira said some of the vacancies have existed since 2015 and added that a process to clear the backlog is underway with 53 applications processed and now handed over to the provincial administrator for approval and the remainder of 56 are still to be processed.
    In addition to failure to raise Chivuchiro, Tasarira said family disagreements over the heir and vetting fees have also contributed to delays in appointing new village heads.
    He said the amount demanded for chivuchiro varies from headmen to headmen with some demanding a goat, others $50 and others demanding a beast. He said even $50 was too high for most of the villagers because of the general poverty in the rural areas.
    He said the highest number of vacancies were in Headman Tambawoga's area with over 23 vacancies.
    Delegates at the meeting accused some headmen were also accused of lacking concern for their people and development.
    The headman were accused of extorting villagers of their hard earned cash by making them pay  for almost everything.
    Chief Mtekedza said he warned headmen, Mukandatsamba, and Chandiwana over the same issue.
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