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    Thursday, 20 July 2017

    Jadecon launches housing scheme

    JADECON Construction has come up with an affordable housing scheme that provides opportunities to everyone from low, medium to high income earners.
    Gone are the fears of stands being repossessed because of lack of development, structures left in various stages of construction and headaches when materials run out during construction. 
    With this scheme the company bears all the immediate costs and assists the client to secure a mortgage from the financer who will then ensure that construction is completed.
    The client then has to start paying the money in the form of monthly installments that ranges from 5 years up to a period of 25 years. It is a customized system that allows the client to input on the housing plan, the fittings and extra developments that the client may wish to have incorporated. 
    The scheme is affordable as the company has no need to subcontract since there are qualified personnel in-house, materials that they also sell to other contractors and machinery such as tippers, Tlbs, front end loader and trucks that makes the service delivery more efficient. Jadecon construction has successfully worked with various clients which include the ZNA under their Benefit Fund.
    There are houses that have successfully been completed in Masvingo, Gweru and Gutu under the benefit fund.
    Alongside the residential construction the company has successfully completed several civil works construction in schools as well as renovations for commercial buildings.
    Among these are the palisade walls at Victoria Junior, Victoria High, paving at Hellen McGhie, sports courts at Gutu High and a chapel built for SDA College. 
    Some of the products that they have include quarry stones, pit sand, river sand and gravel. They also supply the following upon orders: roadside Kerbings, Precast culverts, air vents, manhole, window frames, concrete piers, sliding and swinging gates, blocks, lintels, coping slabs, tiles and ceiling boards. As mentioned above, their machinery is always at hand to serve you whenever you pay them a visit and make a purchase.
    Visit Jadecon Construction and Engineering dare to dream beyond your doorstep.business news

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