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    Saturday, 8 July 2017

    Chimuu sleeping with surbordinates at travel documents office

    Basa riri pano mari haizivani kana wada ini uchapura nyemba nemusana, honour ladies huyai amai, mugare kuno mberi makasununguka, so goes the late wordsmith Paul Matavire's hit song which was penned some years back but still applies today especially at this place where Mudede is the head.
    Already I can see most of you vachigutsururia musoro, yes yes yes we know the story. Yaa correct you know the story, uyu zve uyu woninini mhanhi who is doing his degree with THE UNIVERSITY in Masvingo, the real one in town, but works as an administrator or  accountant or human resources officer or everything, kondiye anotonga ka apa where you get your travelling documents.
    That office where when you want to visit Gorongosa, New York, New York or Mombasa you must get a document from there, I think it's a Visa or something like that as you know HOTH has never been out of the country so he is not sure of the name given to that document.
    Chitova, chitova nedzevamwe, the man literally does that, ask chihera special who was ravaged last week in Nyanga when they went for a workshop.
     "Hama dzangu ndanzwa kuti kubasa murume, kumba murume apa no condom," says one victim.
    Chitova goes by the name Small Cattle or Chimuuu and his first name is also found in one of Shakespeare's books which I can't remember very well but I heard my bosses talking about Caesar the other day, I will confirm but it is along those lines.
    The problem is Shakespeare wrote so many books and one of them is Julius Caesar.
    Women at this travel documents office came to HOTH in groups and sometimes one by one pleading with me at the Gumtrees to put this into the public domain because 'Tahwa' so to speak.
    Chimuu who holds a diploma in accounting changes them like underwear because kana usina kumuda haulumi, inofa kwako kusvika wamutaridza paradhiso.
    Ndorevesa naNyenyesa ari pachuru apo handinyebi, he has to ravage you before you go for the workshop, at the workshop and after, thereafter he tells anybody who cares how good or bad you are in bed, baba vangu Save iwee, chegore rino.
    Let me quote verbatim what one of them said, "Most of the staff know about this abuse because sometimes Chimuu used to touch our backs, above the knees and where else, at work.." I can't finish it nekuti zvakawandisa, musvo chaiwo.
    Some victims are contemplating suicide because kwai Chitova is a tiger. Oh yes behind closed doors. Kwai zveshangu ndichihwitsi hachidyiwi neplastic.
    kkkkk kudyigwa munda nembwa sendakarima nyama.
    But Chimuu why is it after sleeping with these married women you go on to brag about it , hauoni kuti you are destroying some people's marriages here naizvozvo, ita mushe ndaakuzonoudza maboss ako manje.
    Be warned, I hope you take heed, sikwanile, zvakwana. Tajamuka.gossip
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