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    Thursday, 20 July 2017

    83% of Vashandi Co-operative members build houses

    MASVINGO – Over 83% of 1200 strong members of one of the biggest housing cooperatives in the country have completed construction of their housing units in the Victoria Range area as part of the fulfilment of ZIMASSET social services cluster.
    This was confirmed by Vashandi Housing Cooperative director Godhati Dunira recently while inspecting some of the sewerage pipes being laid at the site.
    "In total we have an approximate of over 1000 houses which are complete and most of them are self-financed while some benefited from the CLIFF loan under Zinahco that we received and we managed to build 215 core houses for our members," said the imposing director popularly known as General Bagdhad for his hard working qualities.
    The 1200 members are drawn from all the seven administrative districts of Masvingo and from all walks of life and they include members of the armed forces civil servants, Triangle Sugar Corporation, Renco Mine, Masvingo City Council, Masvingo Informal Traders Association just mention a few .
    The co-operative was given virgin land and it managed to survey and peg the area on its own. Roads were opened and they have been maintained by grading them. The co-operative drilled two boreholes for our members to use during construction before the water pipes were connected 100% by the City Council.
    "We now have taped water at focal points around the whole area. We are now waiting for the City Council to give us a go ahead for our members to have water connected to every household. The co-operative has also connected almost 80% of sewer pipes needed. We are currently trenching for the sewer reticulation and in some areas we have started laying of sewer pipes. For hygiene purpose, through the recommendation of the City Council, our members were encouraged to build Ecosan toilets before sewer reticulation is connected.
    "We have two types of building programs, the self-financed houses and the Zinahco – Cliff loan financed houses. So far our members have managed to develop an approximate of over 800 houses which are self-financed and the members have taken occupation of the houses," added Bagdhad.
    The remainder of stands are at different levels of development. The co-operative constructed a market centre as a way of empowering its members to start income generating projects.
     The market has stalls with counters for use by our members. To ease the burden of travelling to town to buy basic commodities and schooling for the little ones there is a shopping centre and a crèche which are all electrified.
    Members whose stands are close to the business centre also benefited from the transformer and have electrified their houses and the cooperative has since applied for the installation of electricity for the whole area.
    For convenience and close monitoring of work on the ground there is a site office with one room allocated to the ZRP to enhance security in the area and this has gone a long way in reducing crime in the suburb. The cooperative is now repairing the roads which were damaged by the heavy rains experienced last year.
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