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    Sunday, 4 June 2017

    Headmistress wards off robber after being stabbed 9 times


    GUTU – A headmistress from Mutunduru Primary in Nyazvidzi, Gutu is lucky to be alive after she fought back and warded off a robber who stabbed her nine times as she walked from a bus stop to her school on Monday evening.
    The robber escaped with Emma Munanga's handbag containing $40, a tin of peanut butter and two cell phones when she finally fought back and held firm to the robber's knife to avoid further jabs.
    The severely bleeding Munanga collapsed afterwards and was discovered in the school grounds by pupils who were going home.
    Police spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula said  she had no report on the matter.
    A Mirror crew visited and interviewed Munanga who can hardly talk and cannot sit at Masvingo General Hospital.
    "I boarded the same kombi with this man at Mpandawana and we both disembarked at Mutunduru Primary School Bus Stop at around 5pm. He told me that he was going to Dzvimbu Farm which is a few kilometres from the school but he did not know the direction. However, as we entered the school football ground, he suddenly stabbed me in the back just below the shoulder and spoke with a hoarse voice that he wanted to kill me.
    "Suddenly he was stabbing me with the knife all over until I gathered courage to fight back. I eventually managed to hold the knife and I held it so firmly that he could not attack me further. That is when he grabbed my bag and a tin containing peanut butter and escaped into the night.
    "I tried to walk to school but I collapsed and could not shout for help. I was definite that I was going to die and after a little while some pupils passed by but they ran away when they heard my faint calls. They eventually came back and that is how I managed to get help," said Munanga.
    Munanga's fight for life was made even more difficult as she failed to get an ambulance at Gutu Mission Hospital. The car that finally took her there ran out of fuel with 20km to go.
    When she finally made it to Gutu, she was referred to Masvingo General Hospital but staff there demanded cash upfront for her to get an ambulance which she didn't have after she lost her money to the robber.
    Munanga only managed to get to Masvingo at around 12 midnight, more than six hours after the attack. She faced fresh hurdles there as hospital staff once again demanded cash in order to treat her.
    "I was in pain and I spent some time before I got treatment because I did not have any money on me. I want to thank the Lord for his grace because I never thought I would live to see another day," said Munanga.
    Two Roman Catholic priests were at the hospital to pray for her when The Mirror visited.
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