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    Monday, 19 June 2017

    Headmaster’s girlfriend still unburied as relatives demand 20 cattle


    GUTU – The body of Rebecca  Bernard who hanged herself at the home of Tellmore Chimombe, Chivasa Primary School head after their alleged adulterous relationship went sour is yet to be buried three weeks after her death because relatives are demanding 20 herd of cattle.
    Reliable sources told The Mirror that Bernard's body is still at Gutu Mortuary Hospital. They said it must by now be in an advanced state of decomposition after it was taken out of the mortuary several times but returned after parties failed to agree on the number of cattle to be paid to the deceased's family.
    Efforts to get a comment from Chimombe were fruitless as his phone was not reachable.
    Police Spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula said she has not received such a report.
    Bernard`s husband works in Harare while Chimombe is a married man with a family.
    Villagers who spoke to The Mirror on condition of anonymity said efforts  to resolve the dispute failed. Rebecca's body was once ferried from Gutu Mission Hospital Mortuary for burial at Mutanda Village but was returned after talks between the parties collapsed.
    It is understood that the parents of the deceased also want the body of their daughter buried at the headmaster's homestead.
    "The deceased woman's hubby held talks with the headmaster and there was so much progress that the body was removed from the mortuary for burial. However, before burial parents of the deceased made fresh demands including that 20 beasts be paid and that their daughter be buried at the place where she committed suicide," said a villager.
    One villager who identified himself as Wilbert Chikomo confirmed the developments.
    Allegations are that Bernard committed suicide at Chimombe`s homestead after the two had a misunderstanding over their relationship which sources said had been running for a period of two years.
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