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    Monday, 19 June 2017

    Constable Poverty terrorises sex workers in Mucheke

    Hoth pfee maMucheke dhuma-dhuma nevana vari kuchema. Hoth anobvunza, ko munochemeiko nhai vanasikana?
    By the way the Big Sperm Donor (BSD) also stays in the same suburb. Oh yes this Raphinos man; Kwaaa, so you thought you were clever? Go and pay your maintenance bills and pay them in full!
    Now there is this other Police officer, oh yes Constable Poverty! He is yet another sperm donor! Mucheke is endowed with sperm donors; Kwaaa they are many! Newevo futi uri kuverenga pano apa you are another sperm donor pwaati!
    I mean this cop who works at this Rural Police station; ehezve Constable 'Poverty is With Us' kkkkk in Shona inonzi Nhamoinesu! This shot guy, short like a fuse pwaati! Ehezve this guy. Ehezve this guy who is dating this girl named 'Please Them' ehezve in Shona its Fadzai.
    By the way Please Them stays in Rhodhene while Constable Poverty stays in Sisk; oh yes the street has a similar name with the suburb or is it Sixth Street or Sexy Pwaati! So Poverty is looked after by Please Them who buys him beer, pays for his snooker gives him 30c to catch a pipipi to work. And Fadzi akatoperera zvake. Kutoti amai vangu vane mukuwasha. Mukuwasha itsotsi; Chasura!
    But Hoth is not here on his own volition. There is a petition; oh yes paita zvichemo! Zvichemo vanamai!
    Constable Poverty is terrorising sex workers at Mucheke, Chigudu and Manhede Beerhalls. Ko inhema here? Oh yes the man wants it for free! Mahara! Ko imi vana Nhamo dzenyika kana moda zvinhu free ko isu vana Hoth who were granted the Freedom of the City tozodii?
    Ehe Hoth has the freedom of this City; ask Secret Photographer who at one time said he was taking over; whatever that means! Pwaaa Pwaati, Pwaati. Taking over? Munoita mavanga omukatikati vakomana! Oh yes imomo mukatikati vasikana! You suffer internal injuries!
    What do you overtake? Chasura!
    So these novice sex workers; I mean these 13-year-olds just learning to pull the ropes; oh yes pulling them Kkkkkk are being bought a sausage and a bun and Constable Poverty takes them behind a building and has one fast one. Yes it's real fast because Poverty cannot sleep before tranquilising at least four different ones. By the way he donates direct. They call him Constable Live Wire. It's always live?
    Kkk waiti ndiwe wegaka Raphinos? There are others in your league; the Super League of Sperm donors!
    So after buying these girls beafy meat kkkk; from then onwards he wants it completely free. Oh yes why not; after all donations are for free! Constable Poverty is a skilled terrorist. He can instil terror like that party of FREEDOM FIGHTERS and these minors are giving in day in day out! Baba angu Gudo!
    And the minors trooped to MaGum Trees recently and said Hoth please hear us out; this Samanyika has terrorised us! Oh yes he comes from Manicaland.
    And Hoth says to you Nhamo; rega dzive shiri!
    Then the elder sex workers send an emissary! The emissary said Constable Poverty gives them payment for their services but when he is done he demands it back! He claims that he is untouchable; kuti wakaitaseiko nhaiwe Poverty?  You are just a short fuse that doesn't even have a rank! Kkkkkk
    Stop It!
    Ko uriseiko hako iwe Pambuka the news reader! Nhamo dzePambuka!

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