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    Friday, 26 May 2017

    Teacher looks into reasons for Zim’s 4 500 girl dropouts

    Late last year the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Lazarus Dokora reported that as many as 4 500 girls dropped out of school in 2016 alone due to teen pregnancies.
    This is very alarming statistics that translate to 375 learners dropping out of school every month. This is one small school disappearing from the education system every month. This is disgusting! This scenario tends to be taking an unrestrained free flight from one year to another.  I do not have the real statistics to substantiate my premise but I am sure that is the trend.
    In this presentation I shall scholarly suggest and address the baseline factors that have unashamedly rendered our girls so gullible. I shall expeditiously apologise to society and all those who shall be touched by the shrapnel of this expose.
    I shall strive to explain the causes of the girl child pregnancies, school drop outs and early marriages. I shall present the factors in point form as follows:

    Poverty And Hunger
    It is an illusion to believe everything is smooth sailing in our country. Our country is the proverbial table with one end occupied by very few people with a lot of food and some to waste and the opposite end laden with a legion of hungry people without food to eat; malnourished.
    The latter end of the table is the arena for poverty and hunger. Most of the victims of girl child pregnancies, school dropouts and early marriages hail from this end. Our economic engine has not had the required horsepower to drag the ordinary citizens out of the quick sands of poverty and hunger caused primarily by company closures, unemployment and near total destitution of a good number of our people.
    For those who are still employed especially the civil servants who sustain and fend for a sizable chunk of the livelihoods of the nation, directly or indirectly are not timeously nor handsomely paid either. The have-nots perpetually wallow in poverty.
    Employment stands at about 20% countrywide and that has had a direct bearing on the levels of poverty.
    With unemployment at about 80% and poverty ubiquitous as it were, the most affected is the girlchild because she needs extra expenditure deemed unimportant in most families, sanitary materials for example.
    Girls are more sensitive and shameful to their poverty than boys and they usually take one of the two options, to have affairs with those well off and continue with school or go and get jobs as baby sitters.
    A girl's choice is more strongly drawn by fear of insecurity. Thus girls tend to be more "single minded" in their pursuits and can make quick non-intellectual decisions more than boys.
    I am not advocating male chauvinism but John Moore in his work "The weaker sex" states that meanwhile right sided motivation is conventionally stronger in the male desires to compete in order to gain pleasure, status, power etc for self and slightly vice-versa with the female who tends to be blunkered and at the same time myopic. 
    Some girls act in confederacy with the parents especially the mother to get out of school and get married as a way of saving the siblings from hunger and starvation. In some cases mothers skilfully engage daughters in relationships with people with money, even very little money indeed.
    Some girls are very sensitive about their dressing. When they are scantily dressed they feel demeaning fully out of place and so exit the school system and leave the place for good wishing that one day they will see me dressed like a celebrity.
    In 4A class of 1985 at Rimbi Secondary school in Chipinge someone called for silence in the class and one girl Nyaradzo shouted that she did not worry about studying for the exams claiming that she was sitting on a tuckshop which would assure her self-sustenance.
    This is the attitude, some feel that they are the diamond barrels and since diamond is a crowd puller, some girls feel wherever they go diamond diggers exist. When such attitude exists in the girls you actually see how they walk, their walk actually asks everyone around "can't you see me?" can't you see my body please?"

    Denominational doctrines
    The fate of some girls depends on what type of denomination or church they go to. The Marange followers teach the conviction that girls should not waste time in school but quickly get married and be childbearing machines for their population to grow.
    Girls as young as 14 years leave school for old men with many wives already. Girls are girls and have no choice; the parents think and decide for them. Around our school there is someone bragging that he wishes to marry twelve wives since Jesus had twelve disciples. It is blasphemous indeed or misinterpretation of the scriptures. So like a gun in the hands of a terrorist it is like Alexander Klushknov who invented the AK47 assault rifle during the Russo- Japanese war of 1947 who a couple of years back said that he shed tears each time he sees rebels on TV committing atrocities using the gun he invented AK47.
    The Holy spirit feels insulted when these adulterers and fornicators hold the Bible committing the sin of adultery.
    The women are also to blame; they behave like moths to a lamp on a summer night. They know it is bad to be married off at 14 or less but they have no choice.
    The parents got married at that age as well. In England they say "an apple does not fall far from its tree" The law must therefore be more functional in these regards.
    Rescue these girls from sex slavery, one Marange follower was warned against working hard at a funeral lest he would underperform in the bedroom and he boasted that he does a round robin style of executing his conjugal duties.

    Peer pressure or friendships
    During my childhood days my parents restricted me from making friends with perceived bad friends and that served me right because I could not have been here alive about fifty and fit.
    Today's parent is totally mindless of what friends their children associate and the activities and dangers emanating from the bad company of their children and the activities and dangers emanating from the bad company of their children and even their own friendships.
    Some married people befriend unmarried ones and children learn nothing good from these associations.
    Pure girls are usually shunned by their peers who have already been deflowered and so the virgin girls seek acceptance by their peers and so indulge in sex. And in their noviceate become casualties of indulgence then drop out of school.
    Today some parents cannot restrain their children from bad behaviour primarily because that is exactly how they also behave; a crab child walking sideways like a crab parent parents are blinded from seeing children's waywardness because they are engrossed in the futile business of concealing their own waywardness which the children see clearly and imitate.
    So the youths of today are controlled by their age especially the boys, who are bullies, who have more authority over both teachers and parents.
    Subcultures of children of low aptitude determine the school social, culture and level of discipline.
    This usually affects the girl most by being subjected to sexual abuse that may never be reported.
    In such cases girls get pregnant and slide into oblivion and that is another statistics.

    Child rights groups
    The rights groups have had a very remarkable positive bearing about the child's basic knowledge of their basic needs and not their fundamental responsibilities of respect of authority, obedience the love of labour and hard work, positive family and societal values and others.
    Today our children have however misconstrued rights to mean no reprimand, no parental guidance and the enjoyment of total independence and freedom. Reprimand a child and she tells you of her rights in fact she tells you that you are abusing her. Guide her and she tells you she has the freedom of choice and that your advice is archaic and redundant.
    This abuse thing is very funny some young man around here assigned his sister to do some household chores. The girl did not like it and cried all the way to school. She was interrogated and she alleged that she had been sexually abused by the brother. After two to three years the brother was hooked by the Police. He was in incarcerated for eight months before trial. When he finally got to the dock it was discovered that the sister was telling falsehoods and the brother was released and the girl was imprisoned. Teachers in the schools must be very careful when handling cases of sexual abuse. Be equipped with evidence and knowledge to handle that evidence. Our village neighbourhood Police also need some extra knowledge too.
    I do not know how the American concept of rights penetrated the grey matter of our seemingly unAmerican policy makers. The Bible which is a manual written by God the creator recommends the whip to make the child upright and obedient but the enemy of God says NO!! NO!! NO!! That is inhuman. After manufacturing phones, Nokia the manufacturer writes a manual to guide the user, and why not with the Bible.
    Some of these rights may have been designed to skilfully waylay children from the learning duty so that they become cheap labour on our farms.

    The demise of the African family unit
    The African family unit was a neatly and tightly woven system in which a child received attention from all members of the family. Adult members of the family owed several responsibilities towards all children of the family. Children owed all adults of the family abundant honour respect and obedience. With the demise of the family network primarily as a result of dispersal reacting to urbanisation, economic hardship, the sense and less grasp of the western family concept and greed came about ecocentricism.
    Orphans are no longer the duty of the family but charity organisations. When these orphans learn that their close kith and kin cannot support them financially, educationally, spiritually, and morally they stop recognising, respecting or obeying them, they become haywire. This is the state of the present situation nationally. In some cases more than 25% of learners at some schools are orphans.
    Prior to 1980 children was the sole responsibility of society at large. Every adult was a parent to every child regardless of language or ethnicity. But that is no longer the case and any child can misbehave in the presence of any adult saying after all he is not my father.
    In some cases parents have practically abandoned their children to go and live in distant places. Mothers in their fear that their husbands might be unfaithful to them, have left the children alone at home to go to the husband's workplace in town. This has created numerous child headed families.
    In many cases children have not been able to take reasonable control of themselves. A lot have either for girls been impregnated or boys have abused drugs and alcohol but have hung on with school but perform badly in the examinations. The blame lies squarely on parents.
    Today we exist in a community without propinquity where close ties are maintained with friends who live outside the immediate family environment. On the strength of that silly weakness, girls have eagerly utilised all small chances that avail themselves on way to school or back home or from church.
    If society and particularly families do not impose stiff and effective penalties on child misdemeanour then we are simply shadow boxing with the problem of girl child pregnancies.

    Childhood is a very important foundation for adult life. The lessons acquired at this age either produce positive or negative personal attributes in later life.
    It is above all else absolutely necessary to teach children the good manners for the future and not say they are still young or it's too early to activate a culture of good behaviour in children, the earlier the better.
    Some great prophetess and writer E.G White has this to say in line with what I said above "more than any natural endowment the habits established in early years decide whether man will be victorious or vanquished in the battle of life. Youth is the sowing season. It determines the character of the harvest for this life and for the life to come." Readers hear! Hear!
    But some mothers seem to disregard this nous. They seem to nurture the girl child for the adverse habits altogether. They train the girl child to be vanquished objects of sex. The way some mothers dress up their daughters is clear testimony of what they want their daughters to be in adult life "EROTIC ROBOTS" this term means a body ready always to arouse instant sexual fantacies in all men who set their eyes on them, indiscriminately.
    The soul is divorced from the body in an erotic robot. So the girl child grows up with the spirit henceforth. Like the tattoos that produce marks on the bearer's skeleton, so is this erotic robot character engraved into the souls of these little girls. Tattoos do not end on the skin, they reach the bones ask forensic pathologists and they will confirm that the tattoos on your cheeks are also on the cheekbones.
    So mothers be warned on how you dress your daughters and what you want their future. Do not expect sweet wine from sour grapes.

    Robot enterprise
    Some if not all mothers are unaware that the hairstyles they does on their daughters and dressing that they culture on their daughters are cantankerous to the soul of their daughters and the so called idols or is it models or celebrities they copy from are hopeless courtizans, hopeless failures of life, MS, MS, MS no Mrs at all, what does that mean. Mothers must stop the habit of procuring their daughters the paraphernalia of the amusements of seduction. Please make ears hear.

    Some English man specified that "Language is the only vehicle of ideas; if it breaks down, what happens to the ideas?" But alas, the type of language used almost everywhere consciously or otherwise has become sexually suggestive. This has subjected the girls to malicious confusion.
    I have heard teachers calling girls "mainini" while teachers have been by nature of their role endowed with the title "in lozoparentis" full stop. What precipitates a teacher to use that language if it is not sexually connotative? In lozo parentis means "the position of a parent" Imagine lady teachers calling the boys "babamunini" then there will be serious consequences. Some teachers may tactfully use the term "muzukuru" to strategically align themselves to the shona saying,  "Muzukuru mudonzvo wepwa pawazorora unomenya wodya."
    You see it, the fallacy of using language without thought. A child is a child there is no way one can call own daughter "mainini" or "muzukuru." It must be done at home. I have not heard lady teacher calling boys "bamunini" and maybe that's why very few boys are abused by lady teachers.
    Today's music as a form of language has caused some style of dance that has triggered a wave of infatuation among the youths. The gyrating style of dance glorifies sexual antics and as it has become common I feel that has contributed greatly to the upsurge of sexual activity among the youths and resultant pregnancies. TV has played a leading role in this obscene area.

    I have not watched television since my baptism in 2004 but I still want to believe that it has contributed remarkably to the madness in our children. The addiction to TV has created a corresponding vector of bad morals.
    Some years back one of the key architects of TV development, the Russian Vladimir Kzworykin who developed a non mechanical TV, made a public resolution that he would never allow his offspring to watch TV, and when interrogated further, he revealed that TV had been practically usurped by atheists bent on propagating their doctrine globally.
    For the real and vigilant Christian, Ezekiel 23 comes in handy where the bible explains how sisters Oholibah and Oholah became harlots by watching electronic pictures verse 13 onwards says "And I saw that she was defiled; they both took the same way. But she took her harlotry further she saw men, portrayed upon the wall, the images of Chaldeans portrayed in vermillion, girded with belts on their loins. When she saw them she doted them, and sent messengers to them. And the Babylonians came to her into the bed of love and they defiled her with their lust and after she was polluted by them she turned from them in disgust. When she carried on her harlotry so openly and flaunted her nakedness."
    The above verses are part of the proof that TV has endangered mankind as much as AIDS, Ebola and all world wars combined.
    I have placed a torch in your heart that glows with knowledge and beauty; It is a sin to extinguish that torch and bury it in ashes.
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