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    Friday, 19 May 2017

    Rallying party chair does it in the toilet

    Nhai Mwari!
    Anytime is tea time. Why not any place is bedding place? Kkkkkkk
    Ndopakati kutongazve apa. Kuita madiro aGeorgina. Oh yes every chairman has his territory and power, kubva paward kusvika kuPolish Bhuro!
    So there this chair in this ward, kkkk, in the oldest city. Oh yes and in that city's oldest suburb, true; Mucheche Suburb.
    Ko mbudzi inokorera payakasungirwa! He is the ward chair. Chasura! So how are you ward chair, oh yes I mean you at the tail end. Oh yes iwe unosara mumasure iwe, yes Musaridzwa.
    So Musaridzwa controls everything in the ward. He has many benefits deriving from his position. He has a place where he sells firewood at Farai Beerhall and next to it is a little toilet that he controls. Oh yes it's true. If you want to get into that toilet you have to pay or literally beg him.
    Kana asingadi kuti upinde mutoilet haupinde! Ehe haupindi. Ndosaka Hoth ati ndiko kutongazve uku kkkkkk. But the toilet belongs to city council. So what? Kkkkkkk kutonga uku!
    By the way Musaridzwa is a security guard at chief's hall.
    Then on this day his wife got hold of his whatsapp messages when he was drunk. There was an itinerary where Musaridzwa met a woman renting at his stand in the toilet. Oh yes, its true in the toilet!
    Tuesday 1pm to 2pm; Thursday 5pm; Friday 7pm; Sunday manheru. baba angu Diro! Yes it's in the toilet.
    The wife mobilised friends; friends against adultery kkkkkk! On Tuesday at 1pm they lingered around and first to get in was this woman then 10 minutes later it was Musaridzwa puffing away a cigar Kkkkk! Ko kuzvishingisazve.
    Before one could say Pamberi neZanu PF then place was littered with wome armed with all sorts of weapons.
    How do you get a man and woman together in one public toilet, hee? Zvimwe hatichatauri pane vana. Pakabikwa munhu.
    How are you chairman? Icho!
    Mpandawana nurse pounds kombi driver
    There was drama  at Mushayavanhu Business Center in Gutu. A nurse pounded a Mushikashika driver to smithrens because the driver's affair with the nurse's sister was on the rocks. Male nurse of course!
    Oh yes there is this little pompous mushikashika driver who thinks driving a little four-passenger virtz, Honda fit or funny cargo etc is like flying a boeing 747.
    Baba Gudo imi; hazvina course svekudhiraivha chimushikashika hedu. Zvakangofanana nokuzvara, nhaka zvangu.
    So this mushikashika driver was in love with this girl who is underage girl anyway. So he was told to stop this criminal affair by this nurse who works at Gutu Mission Hopital. Hesi its criminal because if you get the right magistrate like mai vaye vekuChiredzi  its 18 years in jail hedu. So because this mushikashika driver thinks he is the best thing that ever happened kwashe Gutu, he poked into the nurse's face.
    Wakaitwei? He was reduced to pulpy. Yes it happened just this Sunday, Hoth akatarisa nemeso ake kudai.
    How are you Tichafara Chihumura? Kkkkkkk! Unororwa ukati Hamadziripi?
    Pwati next week Hoth is at Runyowa Business Center where the most powerful at Mpandawana Growth Point drinks from. Hokoyo neZanu! Makadiiko mabhosiwere mese!
    Mhofu yemukona akadii madzimai enyu matatu? Baba angu diro!
    Changamire vematare kkkkkkkkk! At Runyowa Business Centre!!!!
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