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    Saturday, 20 May 2017

    Advocate Mucheche donates to Chivi Village Savings Clubs


    CHIVI – The concept of village saving and lending clubs has worked well for Chamatutu Cluster of Ward 17 in Chivi as evidenced by the level of success showcased at a distribution day for group members held at Chamatutu Primary School under Chief Chipindu recently.
    Some 25 groups comprising of seven to ten members each came together in 2014 and organised themselves into Village Savings and Lending units. The modus operand is that after saving for a period of a year or more, they withdraw their savings plus interest and buy basic commodities.
    It was a typical success story in a rural set-up when the groups came together at the field day to display what they had bought and achieved through the savings clubs.
    The villagers displayed blankets, pots, fencing wire, goats and chicks.
    Speaking at the function, prominent Harare lawyer, Rodgers Matsikidze said he realised that the groups were not banking their savings but were allowing the money to be kept at home by their chairpersons.
    He advised the groups to open bank accounts and deposit their savings into banks where it would be safe.
    He however, hailed the villagers for coming up with such an idea. Advocate Caleb Mucheche was the guest of honour at the function.
    "Ward 17 residents should be producers of wealth and produce for the market not only for consumption", said Matsikidze.
    Kudakwashe Tasara, a community facilitator said the field day was an annual event.
    Mucheche donated blankets which were given to old people in Ward 17 and he also donated bicycles meant for the councillor, Chief and a retired police officer Farainashe Zivengwa.
    Lovemore Madhangi one of the group members said each member saved any amount which he or she could afford every month and this was then withdrawn at the end of the year in order to buy the necessary commodities.
    Chief Chipindu graced the occasion.
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