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    Sunday, 30 April 2017

    ‘Province 2017’ faction emerges in Zanu PF


    MASVINGO – The delayed Zanu PF elections to choose a new chairman for Masvingo threatens more splits in the party with a new group going by the name 'Province 2017' now fighting from one corner.
    The group which is allegedly led by Masvingo Urban MP Daniel Shumba is fighting to have elections to choose a new Masvingo chairman pencilled for May 6 2017 stopped.
    The 'Province 2017' election is pitting a faction called Lacoste against G40, with Lacoste fielding Ezra Chadzamira while G40 is fielding Retired Colonel Mutero Masanganise.
    The group was exposed when a Provincial Co-ordinating Committee (PCC) meeting conducted by acting chair Joram Gumbo on Sunday was told that Shumba who is also the deputy secretary for transport and welfare in the Politburo had sent text messages calling on PCC members to boycott the meeting.
    Norbert Ndaarombe the provincial youth chairman spilled the beans when he stood up and told the meeting that he had a message in his phone from 'Province 2017' group. He said that the group was led by Shumba and MP Jappy Jaboon who is also the provincial political commissar.
    Ndaarombe further exposed the newly elected Bikita West MP Beauty Chabaya as one of the group members.
    "Chair my phone has run out of power but I am in the same group with Beauty Chabaya there, she can produce her phone and show you the message from Shumba," said Ndaarombe.
    Shumba told members of 2017 that Gumbo was no longer the acting Masvingo Provincial chairman and members should not attend meetings called by him because they were not sanctioned by the President.
    Gumbo appeared disturbed by the message and angrily threatened to deal with Shumba. Gumbo said he remains the acting chairman of the province until there is a fresh directive.
    The meeting went on to uphold the suspension of Jaboon for allegedly setting up parallel structures and he was immediately replaced by Jefas Masosota.
    "Shumba has a case to answer for defying the principal, I will not take it lightly he will answer for it. I will take him on, I am Doctor Gumbo, he is Doctor Shumba. I will face him directly and see which principal he answers to," said a visibly angry Gumbo.
    Asked for a comment Shumba stood by his word and confirmed to The Mirror that he was the one who sent the message. He said there would be no elections for a chairman until the grievances that he and others sent to the Politburo about the conduct of the elections were resolved.
    "The whole meeting has been declared illegal, and the purported resolutions null and void (to relieve JeppyJaboon of his post as provincial commissar and recommend that Shumba be demoted from his Politiburo post).
    Masanganise also added that he will not take part in the elections if grievances raised have not been addressed.
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