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    Monday, 10 April 2017

    Know your Vungu Rural District

    MIDLANDS – Vungu Rural District Council (RDC) is a rural local authority established in its current form in terms of subsection (1) of Section 8 of the Rural District Councils Act [Chapter 29:13, 1996] through the Presidential Proclamation 15 of 1993 published as Statutory Instrument 99 of 1993 as amended by Proclamation 26 of 1993 published as Statutory Instrument 195 of 1993. The Presidential Proclamation also abolished the Manyame Local Government District Council; the Vungu and Upper Ngezi Rural Council area; and the Gweru-Shurugwi Rural Council area. At the last delimitation exercise done in preparation for the 2013 elections, Vungu Rural District Council was divided into 19 wards that are named numerically from 1 to 19.
    The council area covers Chiwundura Communal lands, Lower Gweru Communal Lands and the large scale commercial farming and A2 and A1 farming areas around Gweru town. The area covers two House of Assembly constituencies, namely, Vungu Constituency (wards 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,15,17 and 19) and most of Chiwundura Constituency (wards 9,10,11,12,13,14,16 and 18). It embraces four chieftainships, namely, the Chiwundura Chieftainship, the Gambiza Chieftainship, the Bunina (or Mkoba) Chieftainship and the Sogwala Chieftainship.
    Vungu RDC  shares boundaries with Chirumhanzu RDC to the East, Tongogara RDC  to the South East, Zibagwe RDC to the North and Insiza RDC to the West.
    According to the 2012 national population census, Vungu RDC has a total population of 91,806. 45,239 which is 49.3% of them are male while 46,567 or 50.7% are female.
    The proportion of child population (0 – 17years old) is 47.8% and the proportion of youth (15 – 24years) is at 19.8%. The infant mortality rate is 47 per 1000 live births. Only 28.7% of the population has access to safe sanitation; 16.6% has access to electricity while 65.9% has access to safe drinking water. Some 28% of children between the ages of 6 and 16 years have never been to school while 9.3% are out of school. Net primary school attendance ratio is 86.3 while the net secondary school attendance ratio was at 46.
    Youth (ages 15 to 19 years) participation in school is 51.1%.Vungu RDC has 11 static clinics and 1 mobile clinic, 74 primary schools and 33 secondary,  1 University (Midlands State University), 1 Vocational Training Centre, and 300 water points. We have a total road network of 1,900km which comprise of primary, secondary and tertiary access and feeder roads. The District has over 80 Business Centres, 8 Rural Service Centres and 1 growth point. The District is engaged in mining, agriculture, and wildlife as major economic activities.
    Vungu RDC has 19 elected councillors. Fourteen of these are male while five are female. Council has eight committees, namely, Finance Committee, Human Resources Committee, Environment Committee, Audit Committee, Roads Committee, Planning Committee, Social Services Committee and the Insukamini Area Committee.
    At administrative level, there are six departments. These are the Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Social Services Department, Environment Department, Roads and Planning Department and the Audit Department.  All departments except the Audit Department are headed by substantive heads of department. There is currently a staff compliment of 32 employees and processes are underway for the recruitment of an internal auditor.
    In terms of capitalisation, Vungu Rural District Council has one motorised grader supplied by ZINARA and other complementary equipment. Council also has three vehicles.
    Council is mandated to provide social services (health and education) and infrastructure development within its area of jurisdiction.
    Council is also mandated to maintain roads and road infrastructure.
    It also facilitates development through spatial planning and development control. Council has the mandate to encourage conservation and the prevention of environmental degradation. The details of these functions shall be presented very shortly.
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